An Analysis of Machine-Type-Communication on Human-Type-Communication over Wireless Communication Networks

With the advent of new wireless technologies, it is expected that the use of Machine-TypeCommunication (MTC)will significantly increase in next generation wireless networks. Wirelesscommunication networks are considered to support due to their availability and existing infrastructures. As these networks are designed and optimized in a way that they fit best for Human TypeCommunication (HTC), there is a need of an efficient radio resource management (RRM)to accommodate MTC traffic without affecting the regular HTC traffic in the network.

In this paper, a continuous-time Markov chain (CTMC) model-based RRM scheme is proposed to analyze the impact of MTC on HTC traffic in wireless communication networks, in terms of blocking probability and channel utilization. Numerical results are given, showing the effectiveness of the proposed RRM scheme in providing the quality of service isolation between HTC and MTC traffic.