Best Network simulator for Research

Best Network simulator for Research is used to check whether the network is able to work in the real time.Network simulators reduces the time and cost.It ease the project in real time by means of simulation.Huge network simulators are used in recent days.

Different Types of network simulators:

Recently used best network simulator for research lists are shown below:

  • Ns2
  • Ns3
  • Qualnet
  • JSIM
  • and also REAL


  • It is a discrete event simulator
  • And It supports both wired and also wireless networks
  • Also its support for simulation of TCP, routing, and also multicast protocols


  • It is also an open sourced network simulator
  • And also is an event driven network simulator
  • It is licensed under also the  GNU and also GPLv2 license


  • It is modular component based simulator
  • And also is a C++ based simulation framework


  • It is a commercial version of GloMoSim
  • And also It uses C++ and also C languages.


  • It is a discrete event simulator
  • Also it has object oriented system modeling


  • It is used in Tiny OS
  • Also it can able to simulate more number of nodes.
  • It is developed in C++ and also python languages


  • It is an object oriented network simulator
  • Also it is possible to manipulate Java objects in the Tcl environment


  • It is developed by using C
  • Creates the graph structure
  • It has threat based simulation package