Communication Projects For B.TECH

Communication projects for B.Tech providing the project support for different domains which includes networking, Data mining, Network security, and wireless communication, Network simulation, etc,.

Main Communication projects for B.Tech

The B.Tech projects can also well be developed in networking area. Now we are offering the network simulation projects which are well guided by our team experts because they are well qualified in simulation tools.

Mostly, the networking projects are simulation type. The QualNet, Network actor 2 are the simulation tools which are applied on the simulation based  projects for B.Tech projects.

We are also considered students innovative idea which is implemented on their final year projects with the guidance of our experts. Our staffs are having knowledge for developing various kinds of protocols on Communication. The standard of the Communication projects for B.Tech is accommodated by the experts.

The Btech students can also do their projects on IEEE standard which is achieved by us. The non IEEE related Communication projects also developed by us in all area of domain for B.Tech student’s community.

The students can accept their own absorbed real time projects. Accurately, as aforementioned as that of the student’s requirements this kind of project also developed. We providing projects with full documentation and output also.

The bandwidth across the network is scheduled by using different kinds of algorithm for data transfer. These algorithms are,
  •  FPVP
  • FPVB
  • VPFB
  • and also VPVB.

The fixed path with fixed bandwidth is referred as FPFB. The path is fixed for every network so there is no switching across the network. The fixed path is selected by this algorithm for particular time slots.

We are following most reputed international journals like IEEE, ACM, springs, Science Direct and so on. So, more than 250 country students and research scholars are benefited by us.

Another important scheduling is used in our FPVB. Every time slot this algorithm selects a fixed path across the network. The size of the bandwidth is maximized by this algorithm on projects in B.Tech. The each time slot with the variable bandwidth is computed by the one path is defined as VPVB.

The network with the source and destination nodes is transferring the packets. The data across the network is transferred by each node which requires bandwidth.

Our proposed projects use the four kinds of bandwidth scheduling algorithm which is used to find out the effectiveness of the bandwidth for transferring data to the networks. In past 7 years of our journey we have done more than 25000 of students and research scholars projects with very kind nature.

And we also were providing online execution facility such as dream viewer, skype for the students. The VPVB (OPTIMAL) algorithm are also concentrated by the B.Tech students who are doing a project in Communication. The best path is selected by this algorithm for transferring the data over the network. The size of the bandwidth is increased by this algorithm.

A certain kind of queue is managed by this AQM strategy. The packets are arrived after that the probability for each node are calculated and then transfer the packets. The network received the packets when an intermediate node transfers the packet to the destination node.