Communication Projects For M.TECH

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Our explanation team will provide the projects explanation in a well defined manner for the students. Mostly, Communication projects deals with the data security, Net banking, secure data transfer and encryption and decryption of data.


The FPVB is expanded as Fixed Path with Variable Band width in Communication projects for M.Tech. This algorithm used in projects  to transfer the packets at the fixed path between source and destination nodes in a network. The size of the bandwidth is decreased by this algorithm.

The packets with variable bandwidth sizes are transmitted by using this algorithm. Continuously, the duration time for each packet transmission is changed in 10’s. This maximizes the data size to the reduced time and reduces the time to transfer the data transferring time between the two nodes are reduced.


  Variable path with variable bandwidth (VPVB) algorithm is used in Communication. By using this algorithm the packets are transmitted between the source and destination nodes to select the best path in a network.

The VPVB cannot not select a fixed path to forward the packets between the two nodes in a network when compares FPVB. The bandwidth size is increased when delivering the packets in VPVB where the source node can able to sends the data in minimum amount of time. Optimally, as name implies it chooses or selects the best path in a network.


Communication which includes one of the algorithm techniques for transmitting the data packets in a network to find the right path. For packet transmission this algorithm increases the size of the bandwidth. The packets are sent in a variable path in a network when using VPVB (GREEDY). Finally, the variable path and variable bandwidth are used in transmission as the name implies. The destination node can receive the packet with high secure at the same time very fast manner.


   The active queue algorithm which is referred by the students who are doing a projects in Communication projects. A special set of queue is maintained by this active queue algorithm. The algorithm is processed first and then the packets are received.

The time is set for every packet arrival next the probability of the packet will be estimated for this time. The weight fair scheduling concept is used to select or choose the path for sending the packets from source to the destination nodes in a network. Finally, the packets are delivered to the destination node.

We concentrate more on to increase the utilization of network resources and meet diverse user requests. There are the two periodic bandwidth scheduling problems in such algorithm which includes: multiple data transfer allocation (MDTA) and multiple fixed-slot bandwidth reservation (MFBR).

This algorithm is totally different from an instant scheduling algorithm. The every newly incoming data transfer requests are processed immediately in an instant scheduling algorithm. A number of client requests are scheduled in a certain interval of time and accumulated during that period when a periodic scheduling algorithm is executed.