Computer Network Simulation Projects

Computer Network Simulation Projects is the process of implementing computer network. We provide network simulator for academic projects to integrate, versatile and also easy to use GUI based network to design and also simulate network with various devices.

We offer thesis in network simulation tools for PhD scholars ensure test bed which composed of multiple network computers, routers and also data link to validate and verify network protocol.

Every simulator helps network developer to verify whether network is able to work in real world. We also ensure network simulation based thesis is developed for PhD and research scholars in network domain. We also create and also implement thesis in network simulation tool from Springer journal papers.

Discrete event simulator:

Most of the network simulators are discrete event based simulators.

Advantages of discrete event simulator:

We attain following advantages are:

  • Analytic and numeric techniques are ensured to simulate computer system and network.
  • Discrete simulators are cheaper.
  • Advance capacity to find bugs.
  • Simulate system with arbitrary level.

Open source software:

It is software which comes under the category of open source license. Every user cans freely study and use code and software. We provide various application of open source software is:

  • Web design.
  • Operating system.
  • Communication.
  • Content management.
  • And also in Office automation.

Open source software is unique and certified with criteria to meet all open source are redistribute software without restriction, modify source code, access source code and also distribute modified version of software.

Advantages of open source software:

We adopt following advantages are:

  • External support availability.
  • Low costs.
  • Reliability and quality.
  • Every one find bug easily.
  • And also in Reduce vendor lock.


We implement NS2 referred as network simulator 2 a discrete event simulator for network research, we also ensure NS2 to support routing, multicast protocols, transmission control protocol over all networks. And We determine simulation scenario for wired and wireless networks. We have permit NS2 with radio propagation models, MAC protocol, mobility model, IEEE 802.11 and also different adhoc routing protocols.


We implement NS3 an discrete event network simulator and support various internet applications. NS3 offer open source software under GNU GPLV2. To develop various new model, debug or maintain existing protocol we use network simulator 3 for academic projects. By NS3, we develop tracing mechanism and statistics of gathering framework.


OMNET++ is an acronym of objective modular network test bed in c++ which is a general purpose component based modular and also open architecture for discrete event based simulation framework. We apply NS3 in various network simulation domains and ensure INET package to simulate network based applications. And We mainly use OMNET++ for computer network. Vehicular adhoc network and queuing network simulation.

JAVA based simulation:

We use Java base simulation to build various quantitative numeric models and analyze every model with respect to reference data. So we develop Jsim an application development environment works based on software component architecture. And We use this framework to built autonomous component architecture and also extensible internetworking framework. We also develop various numeric models with Jsim simulation scenario.

In general we develop more than 80+ Computer Network simulation projects with the above simulators and provide an efficient network simulation results.