Divert Simulator Project Topics

Optimal spares analysis for a networking system manufacturer
Improving Network I/O Virtualization for Cloud Computing

A cyber physical networking system for monitoring and cleaning up blue-green algae blooms with agile sensor and actuator control mechanism on Lake Tai
An analysis of techniques for opportunistic networking
A cooperative cache-based content delivery framework for intermittently connected mobile ad hoc networks
Ad-hoc networks at global scale

Divert Simulator Project Topics
Creating Your Own Private Cloud: Ezilla Toolkit — For Coordinated Storage, Computing, and Networking Services
Text Sentiment Analysis Algorithm Optimization and Platform Development in Social Network
A Low Power Wireless Sensor Network for Gully Pot Monitoring in Urban Catchments
A networking perspective of cooperative spectrum sharing in wireless networks: Analysis and experiments
Large-Scale QoS-Aware Service-Oriented Networking with a Clustering-Based Approach
The Emergence of Industrial Control Networks for Manufacturing Control, Diagnostics, and Safety Data
Access Control Mechansim for Mobile Ad Hoc Network of Networks (MANoN)
Valuing flexibility in the migration to flexible-grid networks
CCTCP: A scalable receiver-driven congestion control protocol for content centric networking
Electricity services based dependability model of power grid communication networking
Network design and characterization of a Wireless Active Guardrail System
An approach to distributed intelligent robot networking based on mental image directed semantic theory
The VoD services carried by hybrid PON+EoC networking
Designing Secure Peer-to-Peer Voice Applications in Ad Hoc Wireless Networks
Optical WDM networking in broadband satellite constellations

Divert Simulator Project Topics
Hierarchical virtual partitioning: algorithms for virtual private networking
Practical DCB for improved data center networks
Modeling and simulation study of survivability mechanisms in WDM-based high-speed networks
Security considerations in space and delay tolerant networks
Traffic Prediction for Cognitive Networking in Multi-Channel Wireless Networks
Cooperative and Self-Growing Energy-Aware Networks