JIST Simulator Project Topics

Creating Cohesive Multi-domain Simulation for Communications Networks
Semiconductor optical amplifiers in data networking and optical access
Tualatin: Towards network security service provision in cloud datacenters
Cognition-based networks: Applying cognitive science to multimedia wireless networking
Information-centric networking based homenet

Jist Simulator
Performance comparison of on-demand routing protocols for Mobile Ad hoc Networks
EU project POF-PLUS: Gigabit transmission over 50 m of step-index plastic optical fibre for home networking
On modeling GridFTP using fluid-flow approximation for high speed grid networking
Resource allocation algorithm based on social relation for video streaming services over P2P network
A description language for communication services of future network architectures
Exploring structural analysis of place networks using check-in signals
NFCSocial: Social Networking in Mobility through IMS and NFC
Modeling and Delay Analysis of Intermittently Connected Roadside Communication Networks
Flexible, low-latency peer-to-peer networking over long-reach WDM/TDM PON systems
On Trust Management for Multimedia P2P Applications in Autonomic Networking
IC for phone line home networking

Jist Simulator
Migration to Optical Networking
A survey of information-centric networking
The role of ad hoc networking in future wireless communications