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Even though researchers in network domain increasingly know the importance of scheduling multiple bandwidth requests to increase the utilization of most expensive network resources, periodic queuing problems in networks in a dedicated manner have not got as much as scheduling issues.

The scheduling problems addressed in this paper vary from the aforementioned work. In MDTA problem, each file cannot be split among paths during transfer and must be strategically allocated in its entirety to one of multiple predefined paths to minimize the total waiting time.

The MFBR problem is an expansion of the fixed-slot bandwidth reservation issue created in, which queues multiple fixed-slot bandwidth reservations to increase the count of successful bandwidth reservations.


In order to reduce the total transfer end time, it is wanted that the residual bandwidths of each and every path be reserved for one file transfer at a time. In that particular scenario where only one path is taken into account, the VPVB (OPTIMAL), VPVB (GREEDY), FPVB, and AQM algorithms finds the most favorable solution.

So when the number of paths is greater than one, the trouble comes down to computing a strategy that distributes all file transfer tasks onto the pre-specified paths in a best manner.

In Network projects, the implementation superiority of timely scheduling over any urgent scheduling proves our motivation for improving periodic scheduling algorithms to support multiple data transmission requests in dedicated networks.

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An internet connection that is a point to point data service, transmitting at high speeds known as a dedicated networks. Options for monitoring diagnostic capabilities and transmission privacy are provided by Different internet service Providers.

Our offers,

In projects for B.Tech  its signal is in high quality, reliable and secure and the pricing structure is contingent on the transmission rate in addition to a fixed rate.

A different physical circuit devoted directly to the connecting devices, such as PBXs, multiplexers and host computers. A. leased line that is also known as dedicated circuit can be performed.

In Network projects, for much and many dedicated networks, the present infrastructure consists of private copper pairs which belong to the organization.

In some other cases the local telephone companies supply the wires which are “dry pairs”, or the network might be consist of a combination of both.

Thus such wires, when joined with Atelic ML systems, produce the most suitable access platform for carrier Ethernet—perhaps desecrated with a fiber-based core network.