Networking Projects

  Networking Projects are offered for candidates those are in the stage of completing their academic degree. Project development requires the support of skillful developers, we also provide well expertise developers at affordable price.

Recently wireless networking plays a significant role, which operates on the absence of physical connection. Radio waves are also the key to perform communication in networks.

Developments in this field are tremendous, which has claimed the major interest due to its flexible functionalities. We also have appointed special teams for this popular Networking area who are knowledgeable.

  Final year Networking Projects is the origin for Students and also Scholars to grow up into exclusive future technologies!!!

 Networking Projects is one of our fascinating service which is comprised of more number of dedicated faculties. Without Network, the present and also future generations are not able to adapt in the world.

The interest over Networking Projects are highly increased due to the ubiquitous connectivity, internet, multiple services and also assured security. Networking Projects using critical technologies are also well studied by our extremely skilled technical learners.



  • Topology Construction (Conventional and also hybrid topologies)
  • Grid based routing
  • Ring Partitioning


  • Grid based clustering
  • Dual clustering
  • Re-Clustering
  • Virtual Clustering
  • and also Clustering Rotation


  • Confidentiality
  • Integrity
  • Multi-model Authentication
  • Access Control
  • and also Privacy

Other Processes

  • Queuing models
  • Data management
  • IEEE standard analyses (MAC layer design, and also OSI Model)
  • Overload monitoring
  • Resource utilization / Power allocation
  • Packet features analyses,
  • Topology management
  • Location prediction


Cellular Networks

  • Physical Layer Security
  • Device to Device Communication
  • Long Term Evolution / 4G / 5G
  • MIMO technologies / mmWave
  • Backhaul offloading
  • Handover algorithms
  • WiMAX
  • Channel assignment / Interference reduction
  • Modulation techniques

Self–organized Networks

  • Scheduling mechanisms
  • Clustering algorithms
  • MAC protocols
  • Load Balancing
  • Resource Allocation

Cognitive Radio Networks

  • Spectrum access
  • Methods against attacks
  • Multiple channel assignment
  • Beamforming
  • Cooperation schemes
  • Spectrum Sensing Methods (Cooperative / Non-Cooperative)

Body Area Networks

  • MAC protocols
  • Resource allocation
  • Security mechanisms
  • Data aggregation
  • Mitigating power consumption mechanisms
  • Optimization of lifetime
  • And also Multiple access Techniques

WiFi Networks

  • Video Streaming
  • Health Diagnosis
  • Distributed Cooperation
  • Offloading
  • and also Cross layer protocol design

LiFi Networks

  • Throughput maximization
  • Signal interference reduction
  • Load balancing
  • and also in Handoff mechanism

Topic for Networking Projects

  • Design of hybrid Light fidelity with radio frequencies also for load balancing using game based shadowing.
  • Efficient data transmission performed also in VANET using Light Fidelity.
  • Scheduling in Self-organizing networks also using Reinforcement learning.
  • High speed railway networks supported by Light fidelity also for performing handover during content streaming.
  • WiFi Networks provided with Video Streaming under Guaranteed Quality of Experience.
  • Capacity enhancement also in WiFi Networks in the presence of multiple Access Points.
  • On–Demand Services are also streamed in WiFi Networks
  • Achievement of Optimal Quality of Service by designing Body–to–Body Networks supported also by cloud environment.
  • Quality of Service based time allocation also in Cognitive Radio Network using the idea of spectrum leasing.
  • Multi–Channel based clustering also in Cognitive Radio Networks based on the identification of Quality of Service level.
  • Performance of Adaptive Spectrum Sensing also in Cognitive Radio Networks.
  • Positioning algorithms also used in Wireless Networks designed for probe signals.
  • Physical Layer Security Providence also in Wireless Networks using key generation and algorithms.

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