OPTISYSTEM Projects based projects is a comprehensive simulation package developed by Optiwave. We provide optisystem based projects which enable user to plan, test and simulate optical links in transmission layer of modern optical network for research scholars.

In that We also ensure optisystem college project design and simulate next generation optical network, SONET/SDH ring networks, current optical network, receiver, amplifier and transmitter. We establish optisystem project contain many analysis tool such as QFactor, constellation diagram, noise figure, report generation, OSNR and also BER.

DWDM technology in optisystem:

We implement dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM) which couple and transmit optical signal of different frequency to optical fiber. By using tremendous bandwidth of SMES low loss area in DWDM system and recovery in optical networks. It is convenient to expand and upgrade and ensure high survivability of optical network.

DWDM in optical communication system:

We provide this DWDM technology from Springer paper as:

An optical communication system composed of transmitter, communication channel & receiver. Transmitter role is to convert electrical signal into optical form & launch result optical signal into optical fiber. Receiver converts distorted & attenuated weak optical signal output from fiber optic lines to electric signals.

DWDM system design and simulation:

We mainly implement this DWDM system for M.Tech projects composed of:

  • Electrical pulse generator.
  • Optical modulation.
  • Optical source.
Transmission line:
  • Applicable for high capacity, long distance optical fiber communication due to tremendous bandwidth.
  • It composed of photoelectric detectors, filters & demodulator.

DWDM based fiber optic communication:

We implement following methods in optisystem as:

Four wave mixing (FWM):

It process optical power from one channel to multi channel system is spilled over into adjacent channel. They are channel power reduction, increased dispersion, increased channel spacing and fiber photon power peak reduction.

Simulated roman scattering (SRS):

It is the result of interaction among vibrating atoms in crystal lattice and optical waves.

Cross phase modulation (XPM):

It mainly encountered in multichannel DWDM system in which single channel system subject to self phase reduction.

Dispersion compensation factor (DCF):

It is a special type of fiber used to compensate signal dispersion b negative value of dispersion coefficient. It is used along with single mode fiber.

Application of optisystem Projects:

We proposed more than 75+  optisystem projects. The applications are given as:

  • ASE broadband sources.
  • Raman & hybrid Raman/ EDFA simulation.
  • Transmitter, receiver and amplifier design.