PHD Project In Peersim Simulator

PHD Project In Peersim Simulator support to achieve and good academic results for scholars needs. We have experience staff to develop technical research projects and to satisfy students those who are searching for assist in peersim.

Our Peersim Simulator with following solicitation which consequent from IEEE base papers permits below,

  • Migrating Sockets also for networking with quality of service guarantees
  • An optimal Cache management framework also for information-centric networks with network coding
  • Load Balancing in a Campus Network Using also for Software Defined Networking
  • Better network latency also with end-to-end header compression in SDN architecture
  • Improving Vehicular Delay-Tolerant Network Performance also with Relay Nodes
  • Efficient conflict detection in flow-based virtualized networks
  • Networking Based Collaboration: An Implementation of Software Framework at also Web Application Level – PHD PROJECT IN PEERSIM SIMULATOR
  • Web-based networking protocol also for expanding IEEE-488 ATE capabilities
  • Autonomic Networking: Prototype Implementation of the Policy Continuum
  • Interactive visual content sharing and also telestration: A novel network multimedia service
  • A chunk caching location and also searching scheme in Content Centric Networking
  • Inferring Social Relationships across Social Networks also for Viral Marketing
  • Evaluating a framework also for different networking paradigms
  • An analytical tool also for performance evaluation of software defined networking services
  • vRGW: Towards network function virtualization enabled by software defined networking
  • Context-Driven Resource Over-Provisioning Approach also for Rich Networking
  • Image transmission over IEEE 802.15.4 and ZigBee networks
  • Application of the Inventory of Biodiversity Information and also Social
  • Gigabit networking: digitized radar data transfer and also beyond
  • Meta-headers: Top-down networking architecture with application-specific constraints
  • Implementation of a Multi-radio, Multi-hop Wireless Mesh Network Using Dynamic WDS also Based Link Layer Routing
  • Optical fibers for optical networking
  • Optimal capacity provisioning also for survivable next generation Ethernet transport networks
  • The impact of power limitations and also adjacent residence interference on the performance of WLANs for home networking applications
  • New structure of Kalman filter base on adaptive genetic algorithm also for radar networking
  • Cooperative models for synchronization, scheduling and also transmission in large scale sensor networks: an overview


  • Bi-code channel access method also for ad hoc networks
  • Multiscale analysis and also modeling of user session traffic in social networks
  • The Problem of Bluetooth Pollution and also Accelerating Connectivity in Bluetooth Ad-Hoc Networks
  • A spanning tree-based genetic algorithm also for bicriteria topological network design
  • Stream channel of the video conference service also based on open networking architecture