Projects on Network simulator

Projects on Network simulator is a modern technology applied for various purposes in various field such as science and engineering. In that We offer projects in network simulation tool to validate distributed protocol performance or develop algorithm for virtual and real time specification for PhD students.

We provide open source projects on network simulator with various efforts and package to simulate new network. And also We use network simulation projects for academic researchers and college students.

Types of network simulator:

We categorize various networks below based on some criteria are:

  • Commercial simulator.
  • Open source-simulator.
  • Simple simulator.
  • and also Complex-simulator.

Commercial simulator:

We also consider some simulator as commercial which does not provide source code of the software to generate users for free. Examples of this simulator are OPNET.


We also ensure advantages in commercial simulator are:

  • Easily maintained.
  • Complete and also up to date documentation.

Open source network simulator:

In this simulator, everything is open and also everyone can access open source network benefits. Examples of this simulator are NS2, NS3 and OMNET++.


We attain advantages are:

  • Faster than commercial software.
  • Very flexible and also reflect more recent technologies.

Simple and complex simulator:

Now, more number of simulators is available from simple one to complex one. We provide simple network simulator which enable user to represent network topology, network node specification. And also various scenario definitions, create links among nodes, traffic management among nodes. Complicated system permit user to visualize simulated working environment.

OPNET simulator:

We implement opnet simulator mainly for paper taken from Springer journals. So We provide opnet as registered commercial software which is most popular in network simulator. In that We ensure special environment opnet for network research and development. We also enhance opnet as flexible simulator for commercial network, protocol, device and application. And also We ensure opnet as powerful visual or graphical support for users.

Characteristics of OPNET:

We implement following characteristics in Opnet are:

  • Object oriented modes.
  • Scalable wireless simulation.
  • Fast discrete event simulation engine.
  • Lot of components library with source code.

Network simulator 2:

NS2 is a discrete event network simulator and open source popular network simulator for network research. We program NS2 by C++ and OTCL language. By NS2 we separate control implementation from data plane implementation.

Features of NS2:

We adopt following features are:

  • C++ compilations reduce packet and event processing time.
  • Use two programming languages.
  • And also Ensure event scheduler and basic network components.

Network simulator 3:

We provide NS3 an open source discrete event network simulator ensure graphical simulation environment for networks. And also We design NS3 to replace popular simulation tool NS2. NS3 does not ensure backward compatible with NS2.

Features of NS3:

We implement following features are:

  • Virtualization support.
  • Different software core.
  • Software integration.
  • And also Tracing architecture.


We ensure OMNET++ an open source, component based simulator with graphical user interface support. OMNET++ components are referred as modules and programmed by C++. And also We assemble components into large components and models by high level language.

Features of OMNET++:

We attain following features in OMNET++ are:

  • Model documentation tool.
  • Graphical network editor for NED files.
  • Command line interface for simulation execution.
  • Graphical vector plotting tool to display result.

We also developed more than 100 projects with every above mentioned simulator for various applications.