Research Papers In Peersim Simulator

Privacy in Content-Based Opportunistic Networks
Measurements and Error Sources in Time Transfer Using Asynchronous Fiber Network
IEEE 802.11 MAC protocol over wireless mesh networks: problems and perspectives
To Share or Not to Share Storage in Mesh Networks: A System Throughput Perspective
Benefits of Delay Tolerant Networking for Earth science missions

Mesh networks: commodity multihop ad hoc networks
A SOA-based framework for cross-layer QoS adaptation in next generation networks
Teaching information networking
Cooperating superpeers based service-parts discovery for ubiquitous grid networking(uGrid)
Characterization of inter-body interference in context aware body area networking (CABAN)
Creating a virtual network laboratory
IEEE Draft Standard for a Convergent Digital Home Network for Heterogeneous Technologies
Development of a network model for the total health care management on multi-vendor environment
Subscriptionless mobile networking: anonymity and privacy aspects within personal area networks
Leveraging Net2Plan planning tool for network orchestration in OpenDaylight
Efficient Ethernet Ring Mesh Network Design
On-demand overlay networking of collaborative applications

A trial networking for VOD
Frequency tracking techniques for maximum likelihood equalizers for high speed wireless mobile networking in a doubly-faded outdoor channel
Multi-hop cognitive radio networking through beamformed underlay secondary access
NETWRAP: An NDN Based Real-TimeWireless Recharging Framework for Wireless Sensor Networks
FPGA-based Networking Systems for High Data-rate and Reliable In-vehicle Communications