Research Projects In Software Defined Networking

Research Projects In Software Defined Networking offers an innovative stand aimed at students to develop their imaginative ideas. under the assistance of our well-known specialists and technocrats to edify for scholars career prospective.

Below our Innovative SDN project title lists,

  • Dynamic Active Network Services
  • All Optical Switching Networks also With Energy-Efficient Technologies From Components Level to Network Level
  • Active management of multi-service networks
  • Protocol overhead versus router processing and also memory tradeoffs in evaluating BGP inbound soft reset mechanisms for tactical IP networks
  • Scalable routing in hybrid cellular and also ad-hoc networks
  • Advanced topics also in service delivery over integrated satellite terrestrial networks
  • Exploring Learning Pattern also in Social Network
  • Delivery Properties of Human Social Networks – RESEARCH PROJECTS IN SOFTWARE DEFINED NETWORKING
  • Networking Needs and Solutions also for Road Vehicles at Irnara
  • Per-node based optimal power control also for multi-hop cognitive radio networks
  • Resource-Minimized Channel Assignment also for Multi-Transceiver Cognitive Radio Networks
  • Performance of All-Optical Multicasting Via Dual-Stage XGM in SOA for Grid Networking
  • On the connectivity modeling and also the tradeoffs between reliability and energy efficiency in large scale wireless sensor networks – Research Projects In Software Defined Networking
  • Resilient provisioning also for multi-flow elastic optical networking
  • GrooveNet: A Hybrid Simulator also for Vehicle-to-Vehicle Networks
  • Autonomous load balancing anycast routing protocol also for wireless mesh networks
  • QoE-based bandwidth allocation with SDN in FTTH networks
  • Understanding and Mitigating the Effects of Count to Infinity in Ethernet Networks


  • Data communication also used in ATM networks
  • An Optimized eHealth Platfom also to Provide Electronic Services over Dynamic Networking Environments
  • Isolation and resource efficiency of virtual optical networks
  • An Energy-Aware Autonomic Architecture also intended for Localization in Ubiquitous Networks
  • Probability-based adaptive also intended for forwarding strategy in named data networking
  • Domain-based on also used for Hybrid OpenFlow Network (HON)