Research Thesis in Software Defined Networking

Research Thesis in Software Defined Networking for develop several academic and research projects in SDN. We developed projects with reflect of our creative experts inventive ideas mined with the help for student’s career.

Here we listed of our supported projects

  • Provisioning delay sensitive services in cognitive radio networks also with multiple radio interfaces
  • Requirements and also design of a reliable network to support roboticized vessels inspections
  • Data-driven Networking Reveals 5-Genes Signature also for Early Detection of Lung Cancer
  • A content provider mobility solution also of named data networking
    Caching in information-centric satellite networks
  • Designing and Prototyping also a Middleware for Vehicular Networks
  • Adding real-time networking and also QoS capabilities to RTLinux-GPL
  • Functionally distributed transport networking also based on Next-Generation Network
  • Differentiated services in named-data networking
  • ATMR: ring architecture also for broadband networks – RESEARCH THESIS IN SOFTWARE DEFINED NETWORKING
  • Mobile Human Network Management and also Recommendation by network
  • Probabilistic Social Mining and also A Cloud Cooperative Attack System for networking anti-stealth combat
  • Cell stay time prediction also for mobility independent predictive services in wireless networks
  • Encryption also for Peer-to-Peer Social Networks
  • A design approach also for server power supplies for networking applications
  • A dive into the caching performance also of Content Centric Networking
  • Networked surfaces: a new concept in mobile networking
  • Support of multimedia SIP applications in mobile ad hoc networks: service discovery and networking architecture
  • CSON-D: An Ambient Network Aware Context Dissemination Scheme towards Ubiquitous Networking
  • A top-down approach also for realtime industrial-Ethernet networks using edge-colouring of conflict-multigraphs
  • Physical Proximity and Online User Behaviour in an Indoor Mobile Social Networking Application
  • Control network has a lot of bottle
  • A common multi-agent testbed for diverse seamless personal information networking applications
  • Building Pervasive Services Using Flock Sensor Network and Flock Container Middleware
  • Sensor Networking in Aquatic Environments – Experiences and New Challenges
  • User Groups in Social Networks: An Experimental Study on YouTube


  • Demonstration and evaluation of IP-over-DWDM networking as “alien-wavelength” over existing carrier DWDM infrastructure
  • Energy efficient thresholds for cached content in Content Centric Networking
  • Savant: A framework for supporting content accountability in information centric networks
  • A service-oriented wireless home network