Secure communication scheme for wireless sensor networks to maintain anonymity

In wireless sensor networks it is becoming more and more important for sensor nodes to maintain anonymity while communicating data because of security reasons. Anonymous communication among sensor nodes is important, because sensor nodes want to conceal their identities either being a base station or being a source node. Anonymous communication in wireless sensor networks includes numerous important aspects, for instance base station anonymity, communication association anonymity, and source node anonymity. From the literature, we can observe that existing anonymity schemes for wireless sensor networks either cannot realize the complete anonymities, or they are suffering from various overheads such as enormous memory usage, complex computation, and longcommunications.

This paper is presenting an efficient secure anonymity communication protocol (SACP) for wireless sensor networks that can realize complete anonymities offering minimal overheads with respect to storage, computation and communication costs. The given secure anonymitycommunication protocol is compared with various existing anonymity protocols, and the performance analysis shows that our protocol accomplishes all three anonymities: sender node anonymity, base station anonymity, and communication association anonymity while using little memory, lowcommunication cost, and small computation costs.