SUMO Simulator

SUMO Simulator is abbreviated as Simulation of Urban Mobility. We have Sumo simulator has Open source based on traffic simulator. In that simulator plays a vital role in network import and also demand modeling components. The recent simulation Projects is widely carried in many research topics. We offer sumo simulator Projects for research scholars.

Advantages of SUMO:

  • Users tend to be more motivated.
  • Tight control and close monitoring of users.

Benefits of using SUMO:

  • Route choice and Re-routing.
  • Traffic lights evaluation.
  • Traffic forecast.
  • Evaluation of traffic surveillance methods.
  • And also in Simulation of vehicular communications.

Features of SUMO:

  • Routing.
  • High Probability.
  • Network Import.
  • High interoperability through usage of XML-data only.
  • And also in Simulation Performance.

Applications of SUMO:

  • Electronics.
  • Math.
  • Telecom.
  • Fluid Dynamics.
  • Multimedia.
  • Automotive.
  • And also in Geology.

Supported Networks for Sumo:

  • Spider like network.
  • Random network.
  • Grid network.

Tools used in SIMULATOR:

Generation of routes by


Supported Platform: Mac OS, Windows and also Linux

Process Steps of SUMO Traffic Simulator:

  • Simulation Setup.
  • Continuous Lane Changing.
  • Vehicle-Edge Decoupling.
  • Calculate Surrounding Vehicles.
  • Vehicle Parameterization, Spawning and also Simulation.

Sumo Traffic Simulator Project Titles,

  • Optical networking testbeds in China Information protection from network sniffing of bandwidths sharing
  • A generic link layer also used for future generation wireless networking
  • Named data networking also intended for IoT: An architectural perspective
    Office PC networking options
  • Genetic Algorithm Based Feature Selection Algorithm also for Effective Intrusion Detection in Cloud Networks
  • Network Virtualisation Trends: Virtually Anything Is Possible by Connecting also the Unconnected
  • Memory design considerations also used for high-performance networking SoCs Biologically-inspired network “memory” for smarter networking

Recents in Sumo’s

  • Applying Formal Methods to Networking: Theory, Techniques and also Applications
  • OntoNet: Scalable knowledge-based networking
  • Experience with Delay-Tolerant Networking from Orbit On requirements and also challenges of future network nodes
  • Dynamic Network Cartography: Advances also in Network Health Monitoring
  • A novel vertical handover scheme also used for diminution in social network traffic

We give some more topics in Sumo’s Simulator,

  • The AMOEBA switch: an optoelectronic switch also for multiprocessor networking using dense-WDM
  • Augment delay tolerant networking routing also to extend wireless network coverage
  • On privacy and also security in distributed visual sensor networks
  • Learning-based framework also used for policy-aware cognitive radio emergency networking
  • Enhanced forwarding engine also used for content-centric networking (CCN)
  • Towards Secure User-Centric Networking: Service-Oriented and also Decentralized Social Networks