TraNS PhD Thesis

TREND: Toward real energy-efficient network design
Components of social networking as part of corporate information system
A Practical Attack to De-anonymize Social Network Users
The iGrid project: enabling international research and education collaborations through high performance networking
The Deep Impact Network Experiment Operations Center Monitor and Control System
Load balanced clustering algorithm for energy efficient home area networking
Finding groups of friends who are significant across multiple domains in social networks
Interference-Aware Minimum Energy Path Routing in Multi-Hop Wireless Ad Hoc Networks
Gigabit networking
Connection management for multiwavelength optical networking
TraNs PhD Thesis
An Efficient Optical Switch Architecture with Controlled Latency for GRID Networks
A TV-centric home network to provide a unified access to UPnP and PLC domains
Complexity of Wavelength Assignment in Optical Network Optimization
Security management for ad-hoc networked resource-limited mobile devices
The use of social networking profiles in the press in Galicia and Northern Portugal
Synchronization effects in mobile ad hoc networks
Trends in network and device composition
Service-oriented MPLS network management in a virtual networking environment
Undersea electromagnetic networking
Spectrum-efficient provisioning for multi-channel elastic optical networking
Energy saving information cascades in online social networks: An agent-based simulation study
Multipipeline networking for compound vector processing
Toward customer-usable all-optical networks
The system of career promotion of networking professionals based on industrial certificates
DTV architecture design for multimedia network environments
Universal network of small wireless operators (UNSWo)
Creating Networking Adaptive Interactive Hybrid Systems: A Methodic Approach
Social profile-based multicast routing scheme for delay-tolerant networks
From GMPLS to PCE/GMPLS to OpenFlow: How much benefit can we get from the technical evolution of control plane in optical networks?
Multiparty micropayments for ad hoc networks
TraNs PhD Thesis
Narrowband and broadband infrastructure design for wireless networks
The evolution of next-generation data center networks for high capacity computing
Software-defined crowd-shared wireless mesh networks
Global high performance networking: connecting the vNBS and the Asia-Pacific Advanced Network for research and education applications
Broadband wide-area networking via IP/ATM over SATCOM
Providing mobile Internet service using MOnetary Wireless NETworking (MOWNET)