Wireless Mesh Network Qualnet Projects

Wireless Mesh Network Qualnet Projects is important commercial network simulator software used by GloMosim technologies for academic projects. We offer MS projects in QualNet which allow research scholars to study & analyze various network & devices.

We ensure QualNet high fidelity software to analyze various network performances such as wired and wireless and mixed platform network. In addition, We provide QualNet for large heterogeneous network and distributed application that execute on network.

To implement new protocol we use QualNet with or C++ language. For complex system we use QualNet parallel simulation environment with basic operation run on distributed machines. We support MS scholars to develop Wireless Mesh Network Qualnet Projects under various networks.

Wireless Mesh network using Qualnet:

In this process, We implement wireless mesh network which is an alternative key for next generation wireless network. Also, We ensure WMN as dynamically self organized & self configured with two types of nodes are:

  • Mesh routers.
  • Mesh clients.

Types of wireless Mesh network:

We also implemented following types of wireless mesh network are:

Client wireless mesh network:

  • In Client nodes constitute actual network to perform routing & configuration function.

Hybrid wireless mesh network:

  • We perform mesh functions with various mesh clients and also access the network.

Infrastructure wireless mesh network:

  • Mesh router form an infrastructure for clients.

Wireless body area network:

We also proposed more than80 projects in wireless body area network composed of set of mobile nodes & intercommunicating sensors as either wearable or implanted into human body which monitor body parameters and movements. More researchers also doing research to enhance wireless body area network.

Wireless sensor network:

We also proposed wireless sensor network from science direct papers which is a collection of sensing device ensure wireless communication. Every device contains sense, process and also send to peers.

Consequently We provide wireless sensor network by convergence of micro electro mechanical systems (MEMS) technology, wireless communication and also digital electronics.

In general we enabled the development with low cost, low power multi functional sensor node which is small in size & communicate in short distance.

WBAN communication:

We also provide WBAN communication as:

  • Intra body communication.
  • Extra body communication.

It is also deploy wireless body area network in various application such as medical health care, personal video device, security, gaming, and also fitness monitoring & sports.

Software defined networking (SDN):

We also developed SDN an emerging approach to computer network which permit network administrator to manage network service by abstraction level function.

By software defined network, we separate control plane from data plane of forwarding elements. Also We have introduce the notation of northbound & southbound interface in SDN.

Southbound interface:

  • It also referred as interface and protocol among programmable switches and software controller.

North bound interface:

  • We also determine to express operational task & network packets which translated them into a controller form for human understand purpose.