Contiki OS Projects

Contiki OS Projects is an open source operating system which run on tiny low power microcontroller & created to develop application with an efficient use of hardware while providing standardized low power wireless communication. We implement  for academic projects in an efficient way. We use Contiki in city sound monitoring, networked electric power meters, street lights, and also in radiation monitoring, industrial monitoring, alarm systems and remote house monitoring application we provide Contiki operating system projects for final year student which is a light weight, portable operating system to design constrained environment such as sensor nodes. We adopt Contiki features with TCP/IP support to develop projects for M.TECH students.


Features of Contiki os:

We adopt following features in Contiki os are:

  • Memory allocation.
  • Event based kernel.
  • Java native interface.
  • Process memory structures.
  • System loop.
  • Threads & proto threads.
  • and also in µIP (micro IP).
Contiki os in cooja:

We provide Contiki a flexible java based simulator to simulate various network sensor which run on Contiki operating system.We simulate cooja with network sensor node. Every node is of different type differ not only in on board software but also in simulated hardware. We easily replace or extended cooja simulator with addition function. Simulator can be extended which include simulated node hardware, and also in simulated radio medium and plug in for simulated I/O.

Cross level simulation:

We developed more than 70 projects with various simultaneous simulations in cooja at different levels are:

Machine code instruction set level:

We create new node with various structure than typical nodes. We provide java based micro controller emulator instead of Contiki compiled system. We represent emulator as ESB node which emulated at bit level.

Network level:

We implement a specific hardware as network. We support cooja code deployment which enable user to exchange various simulator module such as device driver or radio medium modules.

Operating system level:

We provide Contiki os which include any user process executed to alter Contiki core function. It is very useful to test & evaluate various modification occurred in Contiki libraries.

Coojas support for cross level simulation:

In cross level simulation every node in each level which co exist and interact in same simulation

Radio models:

We implemented radio models in cooja simulation from ACM papers which characterize radio wave propagation. We added various new radio models in simulation environment.

  • Choose radio model when simulation is created.
  • We enable user to develop network protocol by simple radio model and also test by more realistic model or even custom made model to test protocol in specific network condition.
Properties of cooja in Contiki OS Projects

We implement properties of cooja simulation model are:

  • Node type.
  • Hardware peripherals.
  • And also Data memory.
Advantages of Contiki OS

We attain following advantages in Contiki OS are:

  • Efficiency.
  • Flexibility.
  • Extensibility.
  • And also Scalability.