NS2 Projects

NS2 Projects plays an effective role in creating open simulation environment for computer networking research .We offer NS2 Projects for academic students.Network simulator 2 is very useful tool for research process and also implementing simulation framework.

We support Engineering students and research scholars to develop ns2 simulation projects using various protocols in an effective way. And also We implement multicast routing protocols in wired network based on latest IEEE papers.

In general, We have develop more than 150+ NS2 with good quality of service in wireless communication and ad hoc network.We develop NS2 projects for B.E, B.Tech, M.E and M.Tech student in an efficient way based on customer requirements.


Why To Choose Ns2 Projects for simulation Framework?

  • Discrete event simulator.
  • Support all routing protocols.
  • Support wired and wireless network.
  • Complex techniques also easily simulated.
  • Experimental setup is controlled.
  • Complex and simple scenario can be easily tested.
  • Less cost compared to other simulation framework.
  • Ns2 is free open source software under GNU GPLv2 license.
  • Highly utilized research tool in teaching and also development.

Ns2 is a mixture of OTCL script and also C++ language. We also can write NS2 source code in MS word or by using any text editor. To interpret script line by line,we can write code in notepad. NS2 is a class hierarchy structure. Using OTCL library we can design and also run simulation using TCL interprets.

Ns2 Projects Application:

  • Analyze link stability by simulation model.
  • Power management and bandwidth in wired and also wireless communication also analyzed.
  • Various attacks in sensor node and also mobile ad hoc network also eliminated by encryption and security algorithm based on projects.
  • High security is ensured among wireless communication.
  • Require high level reliable and secure transmission in mobile nodes which analyzed by ns2 simulation tools.

Wired Network simulation using Ns2 Projects.

Wired network define as providing physical connection with two or more networks by physical link or cable medium in wired network which transfer data from one computer to another computer. We support communication channel with various interaction among users.  This implementation is also carry out by network simulator to access secured wired network.

How to simulate Wireless Network using Ns2?

A computer device which connected by wireless technologies is refer as wireless communication. Various wireless communications also available to simulate personal area network, and also metropolitan area network wide network by ns2 simulation tool.

In future NS2 adopt all type of application based on ad hoc wireless sensor network.  Various research processes also performed to enhance multimedia application and multicast routing mechanism in ad hoc network by our team.