NS3 Projects

We offer NS3 projects for B.E/B.Tech  M.E/M.Tech students  and PhD Scholars to develop large application project in network with simulation.Network simulator 3 is a discrete packet level simulation written by C++ language with bindings available for python. Python binding libraries are generated by a program called PyBindGen.  We develop project in networking for CSE, IT, ECE students. We offer more innovative academic project in networking with various protocols. We also handle and analyze various network issues in network. We support Ns2 with libraries for large applications.



We have developed more than 250+ NS3 Projects in Various domains.

Millimeter Wave Cellular Network:

We use millimeter wave cellular network which composed of millimeter waves to handle carrier frequency for 5G cellular Networks. We adopt millimeter wave signal to make blockage or prior model for cellular networks operated at ultra high frequency band. We simulate the performance of millimeter cellular network by NS3 simulation with various channels Network by NS3 simulation with various channel propagation.

Application of Millimeter Wave Network:

We apply millimeter wave network in various application which provided from Science Direct Papers are:-

  • Cellular Distributed Antenna Systems.
  • Enterprise and Campus Network.
  • Metro Network Services.
  • Cellular and Wi-Max Backhaul.
  • Failure Recovery and Redundancy.

GFDM Technique in Wireless Network:

We implement general frequency division multiplexing to achieve low emission. We mainly use GFDM in 5G network to implement square shaped waveforms in time domain. GFDM add Filtering per subcarrier when filter transmitter get circulatory shifting prototype in time and frequency domains. We attain efficient use of control point to avoid interference among blocks. We consider bit error rate into account to enhance network communication and to produce low latency. We simulate GFDM technology with 5G wireless network by NS3 simulation.

Application of GFDM:

We implement the following application in GFDM are:

  • Network synthesis and Analysis module.
  • To used in filters to eradicate interface.
  • Frequency spectrum and domain applications.
  • To defeat Traffic in various network.

5G Wireless Networks:

A growing technology in cellular Network is denoted as Long-term Evolution advanced (LTE-A). We used this to fulfill the 5G wireless network requirements. To improve LTE-a Technology we use machine to machine communications. In radio access technology LTE-A used to manage hotspots and located in changing

positions. We handle 5G wireless network by network operator which ensure control and data functions by 3GPP LTE-A system.

Features Of 5G Wireless Networks:

We attain the following characteristics in 5G network are:

  • Ensure subscriber provision tool for fast action.
  • Support large broadcasting of data in gigabit.
  • Enhance high Resolution for cell phone users and provide large bandwidth shaping.
  • Advanced billing interface ensure attractive and effective.

Application of 5G Networks:

We implemented more than 90+ projects with following application in 5G wireless networks are:

  • Media Independent Handover.
  • High Altitude Stratospheric Platform Station.
  • Wearable Device with Artificial Intelligence Capacity.
  • Pervasive Networks.
  • Radio Resource Management.