Opnet Projects

Opnet Projects expanded as (Optimized network engineering tool) is used to simulate network. OPNET is the most powerful simulation tool regarding wireless communication.

We offer  and ensure a OPNET projects for students development environment to model and simulate various networks.

OPNET Network Engineering and Operations Planning is now the SteelCentral Network Planning and Configuration Management (NPCM) product family.

We  ensure multiple solution to manage network and application using OPNET Projects. We handle opnet final year projects in network operation, planning, research and development, and performance management.

We support M.Tech projects in opnet with various wired & wireless technologies. 100+ OPNET Projects in  MANET, 3G/4G, ultra wide band, WI-MAX, ZigBee and Bluetooth from Springer papers using opnet tool.


Main Features of OPNET Projects:

MSA(Modelling,Simulating,Analysis) is the three main functions Possessed by OPNET simulator.

  1. Modelling:Graphical Environment for all kind of protocol.
  2. Simulation:Advance simulation framework.
  3. Analysis:Easy Analysis of data.

Depend upon client requirement we generate graph,statistics and charts.Animation modelling framework can be achieved in OPNET  Projects.

WI-MAX system: This system use OFDM in physical layer OFDM function based on adaptive modulation technique in non line of sight (NLOS) environments.

WIMAX standards are: IEEE 802.16.2004:

It supports orthogonal frequency division multiplexing in physical layer which provide wireless DSL technology.

IEEE 802.16d: WI-MAX standard 802.16e use OFDMA techniques which support nomadic & mobility services called mobile WI-MAX.

WI-MAX technology: We developed more than 80+ projects with WI-MAX technology are:

  • WI-FI ensure wireless high speed internet and network connections.
  • GMTS is based on 3G GSM standard.
  • HSDPA an enhanced 3G communication protocol support high data transfer speed & capacity.
  • WI-MAX is based on wireless metropolitan area network (WMAN).

Classification of WI-MAX:

Mobile WI-MAX: It works based upon non line of sight condition that works in 2-11 GHZ frequency range.

Fixed WI-MAX: It works based upon line of sight (LOS) condition with frequency of 10-66 GHZ.

WI-MAX network to simulate opnet modeler:

  • Create initial technology.
  • Create wireless development scenario.
  • Add traffic to wireless network mode.
  • Configure BS, SS & WIMAX parameters.
  • Run and analyze simulation results.

IEEE 802.16e MAC layer: It was designed for point to multi point broadband wireless access application. It process based on collision sense multiple access with collision avoidance.

WI-MAX application:

We deploy WI-MAX in following applications

  • UGS.
  • Mobility management.
  • Broadcast & multicast support.
  • ERT-VR.
  • High speed.
  • Rtps.