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A full-fledged guidance for PhD in the area of all types of network.

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Top down support for MS in complex and challenging networks.

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Work out for your assignments with Figures, Tables & formulations.

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Learn from the basics to complete any type of homework in Networking.

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Our stuff of experience establishes over innovative ideas that are in trend and also original. Beyond this we are confidential to keep up the novelty unbroken. We are also potent with in-depth research and plagiarism free writing. On behalf of this the customers approach us for all their network needs.


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Evaluation of a Network parameters

In is important to analyse a network by using significant metrics that are apt for the concept. Each metric is measured from a particular formulation while the network performance is done. Testing of a network under different scenarios will boost up the betterments of the concept applied on the network.

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Our Network Tools

We aid with all the network tools below


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Network Simulator Software Certification Supported Platform Programming language Supported networks GUI support
Ns2 Free of cost Linux, Unix, Windows, Ubuntu OTcl and C++ Mobile ad hoc networks, Sensor networks, Wired networks Not present
Ns3 Free of cost Linux, Unix, Windows, Ubuntu C++, Python Software defined network, Hybrid networks, Optical networks, Body area networks, Vehicular ad hoc networks, Internet of things Present
OMNeT++ Free of cost Linux, Windows, MAC C++ Software defined networks, All types of ah doc networks, 5G networks Present
OPNET Payable Linux, Windows C++ Long term evolution, Sensors network, WiMAX ,Fiber Optics sensor and Optical networks Present
QUALNET Payable Linux, Windows Parsec, C++ IPv4 and IPv6, All type of wireless networks, Sensor networks, WiFi network, WIMAX Present
MININET Payable Windows, Ubuntu Python Cellular networks and Software defined networks, Named data network, VANET Partially used
MATLAB Payable Linux, Windows, Mac C++ Wireless sensor network, Long term evolution, 5G and MIMO. Partially used
LTESIM Free of cost Linux, Ubuntu, Mac OS C++ Cellular networks with LTE-A, LTE-M, LTE-R, E-UTRAN, WLAN, WiFi Partially used
COOJA SIMULATOR Free of cost Ubuntu Java Wireless sensor network, RPL, LR-WPAN, IoT, Peer to Peer network, Cognitive radio network Simple GUI support
CONTIKI OS Free of cost Linux, VMware, Ubuntu C WSN, IoT, IIoT, 6TiSCH, 6LoWPAN Present
GNS3 Free of cost Windows, VMware, Mac OS, Linux, ESXi, Bare metal cloud provider Python Ad hoc networks, Wireless network, SDN/NFV, Cyber security, Satellite communication, D2D, 4G communication, 4G, IoT Present
NETSIM Payable Unix.Linux, Mac OS, Windows C, R 5G mmwave, D2D communication, WiFi, IEEE 802.15.4, IEEE 802.11e Present
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