B.E Projects In Peersim Simulator

Storage area network extension solutions and their performance assessment
The metamorphosing network (M-Net)
VeRTIGO: Network Virtualization and Beyond
The outsourcing solution to inter-networking

An enhanced message networking topology: Multimedia messaging with the Intuity™ interchange server
A telecommunications buildings/power infrastructure in a new era of public networking
Immune-based middleware for large scale network
Bluetooth network-the adhoc network concept
An opensocial extension for enabling user-controlled persona in online social networks
Experience with collaborative conferencing applications in Named-Data Networks
VICN: a versatile deployment framework for information-centric networks
Host Identity Protocol (HIP): Connectivity, Mobility, Multi-Homing, Security, and Privacy over IPv4 and IPv6 Networks
Flexible Host-Based Handoff Selection for Next Generation Networks
CCN-WSN – A lightweight, flexible Content-Centric Networking protocol for wireless sensor networks
Towards photonic networking: Experimental demonstration of a reconfigurable survivable WDM ring network
Large-Scale Emulation for Content Centric Network
Telecommunications Information Networking Architecture
Security and DRM in indoor/outdoor heterogeneous networking applications for user – centric frameworks
Modelling of Pico satellite network applications to Maritime Interdiction Operations
Predicting YouTube content popularity via Facebook data: A network spread model for optimizing multimedia delivery
Evaluation of deployment alternatives for school wireless networks
Routing over Interconnected Heterogeneous Wireless Networks with Intermittent Connections
Inherent problems in implementing cable TV based metropolitan area networks
Predicting Interests of People on Online Social Networks

Network learning: a top-down implementation based approach
Secure mobile social networks using USIM in a closed environment
Securing instrumented environments over content-centric networking: the case of lighting control and NDN
Using traffic flow data to analyze the large-scale social networking behavior