B.E Projects In Peersim Simulator

B.E PROJECTS IN PEERSIM SIMULATOR ,we offer a distinct project support  with latest know-hows about zone which is useful to select project domain.

Below  our  upgrade ideas in the developed domain process for efficient project lists,

  • Storage area network extension solutions and also their performance assessment
  • The metamorphosing network (M-Net)
  • VeRTIGO: Network Virtualization and also Beyond
  • The outsourcing solution to inter-networking – B.E PROJECTS IN PEERSIM SIMULATOR
  • An enhanced message networking topology: Multimedia messaging with the Intuity™ interchange server
  • A telecommunications buildings/power infrastructure also in a new era of public networking
  • Immune-based middleware also for large scale network
  • Bluetooth network-the adhoc network concept
  • An opensocial extension also for enabling user-controlled persona in online social networks
  • Experience with collaborative conferencing applications also in Named-Data Networks
  • VICN: a versatile deployment framework also for information-centric networks
  • Host Identity Protocol (HIP): Connectivity, Mobility, Multi-Homing, Security, and also Privacy over IPv4 and IPv6 Networks
  • Flexible Host-Based Handoff Selection also for Next Generation Networks
  • CCN-WSN – A lightweight, flexible Content-Centric Networking protocol also for wireless sensor networks
  • Towards photonic networking: Experimental demonstration of a reconfigurable survivable WDM ring network
  • Large-Scale Emulation for Content Centric Network
  • Telecommunications Information Networking Architecture
  • Security and DRM in indoor/outdoor heterogeneous networking applications for user – centric frameworks
  • Modelling of Pico satellite network applications to Maritime Interdiction Operations
  • Predicting YouTube content popularity via Facebook data: A network spread model for optimizing multimedia delivery
  • Evaluation of deployment alternatives for school wireless networks
  • Routing over Interconnected Heterogeneous Wireless Networks with Intermittent Connections
  • Inherent problems in implementing cable TV based metropolitan area networks
  • Predicting Interests of People on Online Social Networks


  • Network learning: a top-down implementation based approach
  • Secure mobile social networks using USIM in a closed environment
  • Securing instrumented environments over content-centric networking: the case of lighting control and NDN
  • Using traffic flow data to analyze the large-scale social networking behavior