GATE TOOL Simulation

GATE TOOL Simulation is a text mining tool referred as general architecture for text engineering. We offer gate tool projects to develop data mining environment, information analysis framework and evaluate human language technology. Consequently, We ensure and also support data mining research community, engineering students, scientist and also organization are using  tool for information extraction process.

We use gate tool in various language processing tool such as customer voice, cancer research, decision support, web mining, and drug research and information extraction. And also we implement  to gate tool projects understand language such as Chinese, Arabic, Spanish, and also Hindi, Russian, French, german, Bulgarian & English. We also ensure gate tool projects with basic information extraction functions for MS projects.

Text mining: It is a process of automatic discovery of new, previous unknown information from different resources. Major component of text mining is information extraction. We also implemented text mining projects from ACM papers.


Stages in Text mining:

Document selection & filtering: It execute based on information retrieval techniques.

New-fangled Document preprocessing: It strictly follows natural language processing techniques such as syntactic pragmatic, morphological and also semantic.

Document preprocessing: In this stage, text mining can process data based on NLP or statistical techniques or machine learning.



We perform information extraction in text mining process with help of GATE tool. Also, We define gate with forms such as framework, community, development environment, architecture. In that we provide all services to language engineers, macro level organization, programmers and also contributors.

GATE tool ingredient:

Following terms are very important in gate tool are:

Visualizing & manipulating tool:

We use this tool for text manipulation, ontology, parse tree and also annotations.


It contain language processing components are stemmers, machine learning tools, IRtools, parsors and also information extraction for various languages.

File formats:

We support Doc, HTML, XML, TXT, and also PDF documents.

IE tools:

It contain various data mining IE tools such as MAXENT, and also LIBSVM, Weka, AVMLIGHT.

Components in GATE:

We provide following components are:

Processing resources:

  • Generator, parser identifier and taggers.
  • Visual resources:
    • Visualization & editing components.
  • Language resources:
    • Corpora, ontology and also lexicons.


We developed more than 75+ projects in ANNIE which is a rule based information extraction system. It uses finite state pattern action rule language for NLP process. It perfume tokenization and sentence splitting process to ease understand human language.

English tokenization:

  • Enhanced version of Unicode tokensier use JPE transducer also to generate accurate tokensier output for POS tagger requirements.

Unicode tokenization:

  • Used to differentiate lowercase & uppercase letter in word & produce token & also space token annotation with orthography.

POS taggers:

  • A transformation tagger developed by java language and also It contain WSJ, Penn tree bank tag set.
Commercial usage of gate tool:

We developed more academic projects by gate tool:

  • Aggregate information from various resources.
  • Dynamic search engine & repositories.
  • News industry, government, and also manufacturing & telecommunication industry using text mining tool.
  • Find correlation among distributed repositories.
GATE Simulation Tool Projects Topics
Dynamic power and performance back-annotation also for fast and accurate functional hardware simulation [GATE TOOL]
SNNAP: Approximate computing on programmable SoCs via neural acceleration [GATE TOOL]
Low power and also high performance MOSFET [GATE TOOL]
RF performance of InGaAs-based T-gate junctionless field-effect transistors which applicable also for high frequency network systems [GATE TOOL]
Functional Constraint Extraction From Register Transfer Level also for ATPG [GATE TOOL]
2015 IEEE gate tool Simulation Topics