GLOMOSIM Simulator Projects

GLOMOSIM Simulator Projects stands for global mobile information system simulator and satellite network simulation environment for large and wireline communication network, mobile Adhoc network developed at ucLA parallel computing laboratory. We use GLOMOSIM as parallel discrete event simulation provided by parallel simulation environment for complex systems a c based simulation language developed for final year projects.

Consequently we implement GLOMOSIM simulator with thousand nodes linked by heterogeneous communication ensure multicast, and also in multihop wireless communication using Adhoc network and traditional internet protocols. In that we offer GLOMOSIM simulator project a popular simulation tool which is freely for education, research and developed from Springer paper.


Models of layers in GLOMOSIM simulator:

We implement various layers in GLOMOSIM and detail description in PhD projects.

Radio (physical):

  • Radio with and also without capture capacity.

MAC (data link layer):

  • IEEE 802.11, FAMA, CSMA, and also MACA.


  • OSPF, DSR, WRP, and also Bellman-ford, flooding.


  • UDp, NS TCP, and also TCP (free bsd).

Application of GLOMOSIM simulator:

  • CBR (constant bit rate), replicated file system, and also HTTP, TCP LIB (telnet, Ftp).

GLOMOSIM network simulation environment:

We implement GLOMOSIM a scalable simulation library for wireless network built by PARSEC simulation environment. GLOMOSIM support two node mobility model; node which move based on model referred as random way point model. Other mobility model in GLOMOSIM referred as random drunken model.

  • Layer aggregation.
  • Simple APIs.
  • And also in Node aggregation.

GLOMOSIM simulation in wireless model library:

We write GLOMOSIM library in PARSAC a simulation environment derived from Maisie simulator. And also we adopt PARSAC a message based approach to discrete event simulation for research scholar.

Visual programming environment called PAVE are developed to support visual design of PARSEC programs or configure simulation model by predefined component library in GLOMOSIM.

We model physical process by simulation objects called entities and also in represent event by time stamped message transmission among corresponding entities.

MANET using GLOMOSIM network simulator:

We implement MANET a temporary self organized network of wireless mobile node without any infrastructure also support in which read available on conventional networks.

MANET protocol category:

We categorized MANET protocol as:

Proactive routing protocol:

  • To maintain correct route information, and also in node periodically send control message.

Reactive routing protocol:

  • We dramatically reduce routing overhead because it they do not require search or maintain route when there is no traffic.

Hybrid routing protocol:

  • A combination of proactive & reactive routing protocol. E.g. Zone based routing (ZBR).

Application of MANET in GLOMOSIM simulator Projects:

We developed more than 75+ project with MANET application in GLOMOSIM are:

Opportunistic network (delay tolerant network):

  • Wildlife monitoring.

Vehicular Adhoc network:

  • Comfort application, safety related application and also administration application.

Wireless sensor network:

  • Monitoring for civilian application, habitat & also environmental monitoring for scientific application.

Mesh network:

  • Public safety, mesh community and intelligent transportation system.