M.TECH Projects In Peer Sim

Network job entry facility for JES2
VirtCloud: Virtualising Network for Grid Environments First Experiences
An introduction to fibre channel networking in the video environment
Wavelength division multiplexing for local area networks
Service Value Networks: Humans Hypernetwork to Cocreate Value
Lifespan and popularity measurement of online content on social networks
Integrated ISDN D-server for intelligent networking

Vehicular Backbone Network Approach to Vehicular Military Ad Hoc Networks
ISP-operated protection of home networks with FIDRAN
Getting routers out of the core: Building an all-optical network with “multipaths”
A new reconfigurable hardware architecture for high throughput networking applications and its design methodology
A novel telemammography scheme across ad hoc networks
Intelligent scene recognition by personal computer networking
SNA’s design for networking
Pervasive computing and spontaneous networking
Energy efficiency of large-scale wireless networks: proactive versus reactive networking
Intelligent algorithms for QoS management in modern communication networks
Facilitating Social Networking in Inner-City Neighborhoods

NUDAN-a multifunctional home automation network
Image watermarking based on DWT coefficients modification for social networking services
A millimeter wave broadband wireless access technology demonstrator for the next generation Internet network reach extension
Development of a Virtualized Application Networking Infrastructure Node
A new networking model for biological applications of ad hoc sensor networks
Socio-Natural Thought Semantic Link Network: A Method of Semantic Networking in the Cyber Physical Society
IEEE Draft Standard Environmental and Testing Requirements for Communications Networking Devices in Electric Power Substations