PhD Projects in PEERSIM

PhD Projects in PEERSIM Peer to Peer communication systems are simulated by a simulator called peersim. Our developer provide peersim tool for P2P protocol communications. We develop peersim tool by java language.

We offer PhD Projects in peersim to achieve high performance quality analytic and P2P system features through peersim Tool. We implement peersim tool with high dynamic and scalable design for peer communication technology.

To achieve efficient output we split peersim tool into various modules. We construct peersim environment by initialize and underlay network model and implement different protocol (or) algorithm which used for data transmission without loss based on Springer papers. PhD Thesis in Peersim involves operating system, virtualization, cloud computing, embedded system and multicore architecture.

Operating System:

We use operating system to control hardware, software resource and ensure various services to computer programs. Based on application and uses it classified into various types.

  • GUI:

We use graphical user interface which contain graphics and icons to access computer e.g. Windows 98, 7, CE.

  • Multi-User:

We allow multi users to access same system at same time E.g. for multi operating system are: Linux, UNIX and windows 2000.

  • Multi- Processing:

We allow and support number of computer process at a time.

  • Multi – Tasking:

It allow to execute multiple software process at same time e.g. windows 7.

Virtualization and Cloud Computing:

We use cloud computing based on pay per use method. Virtualization referred as flow of creating a copy of something such as hardware, operating system, storage device (or) network resources. To share resource we use multiprogramming and virtualization.

Advantages of Virtualization in Cloud Computing:

We attain following advantages in cloud computing and implemented in academic projects are:

  • Load Balancing.
  • Maintenance Cost Low.
  • Instant Resource Sharing.
  • Support All Operating System.
  • Live Migration.
  • High Security and Fault Isolations.

Embedded System:

We support embedded system which is the combination of hardware and software component to form large machine. We design this system as by own without any human intervention. We implement this technology in more than 80+ projects with various applications such as washing machines, alarm clock, television, refrigerator, medical home equipment like glucometer, microwave, telephone are worked on the basis of time and also. We develop embed system which composed of microprocessor, micro controller to work in an efficient manner.

Multi-Core Architecture:

We embed two (or) more processor called multi- core process to improve performance, to reduce power consumption, and fast process execution. We support and guide research scholar to implement projects in PeerSim. We develop multi core architecture with specialized acceleration core to support Single Instruction Multiple Data (SIMD) and Graphical Processing Operation (GPU). We use this architecture to preserve data (or) information by various cryptography

process (or) algorithm. To analyze the working frequency we use Digital signal processing in multi core processing operation. Multi core architecture composed of various gate arrays which ensure support to process thousand of gates. Multicore is well applicable for integrated circuit prototype.