Project Titles Peersim


Trust Inference in Complex Trust-Oriented Social Networks
A course on smartgrid networks
Exploring user sociocentric and egocentric behaviors in online and detected social networks
Web-based configurable connection management objects over open information networking
Aeronautical Satellite Assisted Process for Information Exchange through Network Technology (Aero-SAPIENT) project: The initial trials

Computer networking industry technologies: trends and challenges in the Mexican market
Node Behavior Classification in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
Just-in-time optical burst switching implementation in the ATDnet all-optical networking testbed
Community-based asynchronous wakeup protocol for wireless peer-to-peer file sharing networks
WLC14-4: SAVA: A Novel Self-Adaptive Vertical Handoff Algorithm for Heterogeneous Wireless Networks
Bus Guardian Design for automobile networking ecu nodes compliant with FlexRay standards
Coastal patrol and surveillance networks using AUVs and delay-tolerant networking
Evaluating Mobile Ad Hoc Networks: A Performance Index and Statistical Model
On progressive network recovery after a major disruption
A Hierarchical and Distributed Handover Management Approach for Heterogeneous Networking Environments
Loser: Social Networking – Social Networking Goes to the Dogs
Next Generation Optical Access Networks
An evaluation of IEEE 802.11 community networks deployments
Towards a Federated Simulation Approach for Reliability Evaluation of Unmanned Aircraft Vehicles within Aeronautical Communcations Networking

Optimizing the WiMedia Frame Structure for Home Networking Applications
Analysis of Cyber-bullying in a virtual social networking
An Empirical Study of the Factors Influencing Information Disclosure Behaviour in Social Networking Sites
Cognitive Agile Networking testbed
Deployment aspects of autonomic cooperative communications in emergency networks