SUMO Simulator Projects

SUMO Simulator Projects is open source software mainly intended for enlightening education and research resolution purpose. Our project process for sumo is one of the major tools and it is used to today by scholars due to its wide functionalities and uses.  We work for all level of students and PhD/MS scholars from world.

To distinguish better about in what projects support we provide in the following,

  • Design and Analysis of a WDM EPON for Supporting Private Networking and Differentiated Services
  • Integrating peer-to-peer networking and computing in the AgentScape framework
  • e-Health PST (privacy, security and trust) mobile networking infrastructure
    Proactive recovery method against multiple network failures with overlay networking technique
  • Tracking dynamic community evolution in social networks
  • Challenges, opportunities, and solutions for converged satellite and terrestrial networks
  • Architectural model of enterprise multiservice network maintaining mobility
  • Optical networking and photonic systems research activities at the University of Melbourne, Australia
  • Operator Owned Personal Networking

Lets we discuss some topics – SUMO Simulator Projects

  • Using the Social Networking Graph for Image Organization
  • A community-oriented route coordination using information centric networking approach
  • WDM optical communication networks: progress and also challenges
  • Robot swarm communication networks: Architectures, protocols, and also applications
  • Need for Symmetry: Addressing Privacy Risks in Online Social Networks
  • From opportunistic networks to opportunistic computing
  • Combining Social Network Analysis and Web Mining Techniques to Discover Interest Groups in the Blogspace
  • Addressing challenges also for automating network readiness assessment service for unified communications
  • Analysis of Packet Relaying Models and also Incentive Strategies in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks with Game Theory
  • Next-generation optical networks also as a value creation platform
  • Network performance evaluation using frame size and also quality traces of single-layer and also two-layer video: A tutorial
  • Connectivity analytical modelling also for a single flight path ad hoc aeronautical network
  • Prototyping telematic services also in a wireless vehicular mesh network environment
  • SmallBlue: Social Network Analysis also for Expertise Search and Collective Intelligence
  • Functional Requirements also of Peer-to-Peer Optical Networking
  • A Novel Approach to Optical Switching also for Intradatacenter Networking
  • SONAR: Towards User-centric Social Network Analysis and also Visualization

In some recent SUMO Simulator Projects,

  • MapReduce Design Patterns also for Social Networking Analysis
  • Access Control Policy Misconfiguration Detection in Online Social Networks
  • Decentralized peer to peer web caching also for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks (iCache)
  • Design and also Development of Community Aware Distributed Content Networking Framework using JXTA
Performance Evaluation of a VANET Simulation System Using NS-3 and also SUMO [ Sumo simulator Projects]
A Large-Scale SUMO-Based Emulation Platform
Urban travel demand estimation using genetic algorithm
Adaptive Lookup Protocol for Two-Tier VANET/P2P Information Retrieval Services
There is a Will, There is a Way: A New Mechanism for Traffic Control Based on VTL and also VANET
2015 IEEE sumo Program Topics