Help & FAQ

Help & FAQ

We support with the following network simulator tools as Ns2, Ns3, OMNeT++, Matlab, Opnet, Qualnet, Mininet, LTESim, Cooja, Contiki, GNs3, NetSim, etc.

The free access tools that we support are Ns2, Ns3, Matlab, OMNeT++ and etc, for network development.

Once you select a paid simulator for your concept, then you need to provide us with the license key for the particular software which is apart from your service charges. You need to be responsible to do those conditions in a paid software.

We will be collecting all your requirements in your topic and then we will check with the available modules and functions on all the simulators. Then the most feasible tool will be chosen for your concept that will cover your idea completely.

The two network simulator tools as Ns3 and OMNeT++ is now supporting almost all the network features and functionalities.

The best network simulator tools are here as Ns2, Ns3, OMNeT++, Matlab, Qpnet, Qualnet and Mininet.

The GUI based simulator tools are OMNeT++, OPNET, Qualne, etc and the console based simulator tools are Ns2, Ns3, Matlab, Cooja, etc. But still the console based simulation tools can be integrated with GUI.

We provide the following services as network assignments, network homework, network based projects, in-depth literature survey, pseudo code and algorithm writing, mathematical derivations, research proposal, system development, integration with hardware, integration of mobile, paper writing at any standard, conference paper, paper publication, dissertation writing and MS thesis.

For the installation of a network simulator we give you text files with the information about installation, screenshots of the tool installation procedure and video file with the steps of installation. Beyond this we also help you with Skype and TeamViewer for network simulator installation support.

In order to give you detailed explanation on execution of your project, we provide with screenshots and video files that explains step by step procedure to execute your project.

We support with C++, Python, Java, ANSI C, nesC, Mate, ACSL, Modelica, Simscript, GPSS, Javascript, NetLogo, Quikscript, Dynamo, and so on.

We develop the network as per your requirement of the protocol and algorithms. Then the appropriate parameters for your concept will be generated in graph based on the formulations.

We are giving you a customizable support that is we give aid as per your university requirement. Hereby we list with some of our support as development, code generation, programming, report writing, graphical outputs, mathematical results, snapshots, video tutorial, and installation instructions and execution procedure in text.

We support with proposal writing, code development, paper writing, paper publication, thesis writing, algorithm description and pseudocode explanations.

We assure that our work is novel, since we give all the solutions with references from standard researches. So that you can go through all the references and check with the novelty in the work.

We never share your personal information, research ideas and research content as text, image and video to others, since we know the importance of each work. Hence we strictly follow research ethics so that the confidentiality will be there for your work.

We have own technical writers so our content is always new without any copy contents. Hereby our works will be of maximum 10% lesser plagiarism in the provided work.

We provide services of proposal preparation, paper writing and thesis writing. We follow up a proper workflow of verifying the possibility to work on the concept, initial payment discussion, implementation plan for the concept, sanction of the plan, begin to work as per the confirmed plan, finish of the concept implementation, discussion of the implemented work through team viewer, completion of remaining payments, then receive full work backup and finally we aid with detailed explanations and execution help.