Need Help with Writing a Research Paper

Need Help with Writing a Research Paper

The researcher’s innovative investigation is explained through a scientific document called a research paper. A research paper is often called a journal paper and manuscript. It is usually drafted up to 18 to 20 pages (approximately). Research paper writing and submitting is mandatory for every PhD pursuing student. Without making submissions, a PhD graduate cannot be graduated. So, paying kind attention to your university guidelines is becoming very important. PhD mentors will not help you thoroughly. For this reason, the majority of the students need help with writing a research paper and this superb article is proposed to contribute something very interesting in forms of knowledge transfers.  Let us have further explanations with this article’s flow.

“A research paper is the podium to untie every knot that intertwined in the stages of proposal writing”

What makes the Good Research Paper?

Even an ordinary research paper can be transformed into a first-class one if it is situated with the following aspects,

  • Comprehensive research title and its elucidations
  • Interesting & unresolved statement of the problem
  • The precise specification of the investigation
  • Excellent ways and means for mitigating issues
  • Expected and predetermined end suppositions

The aforementioned are the top 5 criteria decorating the research papers to make them very unique and noteworthy. Research paper writing is one of the challenging forms of academic writing which is undergoing several quality tests both from the researcher and reviewer end. When writing a research paper, try to avoid plagiarizing because it is widely treated as unprofessional conduct in the research field.

Make use of right referencing styles such as APA, MLA, Chicago, Turabian, ISO, and many more. According to the type of research paper writing, it gets changed. Writing an excellent research paper is depending upon the researcher’s subject matter proficiencies. It is manipulating the paper’s quality. At this time, you will be greatly benefitted by knowing guidelines to be followed during paper writing.

Need Help to write up my research paper

Guidelines for Best Research Paper Writing

  • Introduce an intellectual and novel ideology
  • Try to understand the conceptions relating to ideas
  • Be familiar in chosen research background
  • Shadow down some credible writing styles
  • List down and expound the new lingoes or vocabularies
  • Avoid using bombastic terms and statements
  • Abide by the terms and conditions levied by approving authorities
  • Cite everything correctly & appropriately
  • Eliminate the blunders from topmost to bottommost

The aforementioned are the various guiding principles that have to be followed while writing a typical research paper.  As a PhD student, you may need help with writing a research paper. Our technical folklores are widely offering their assistance to different kinds of students from diverse geographical locations. Alright! In the ensuing passage, we have listed down the major elements to be cited under a usual research paper.

What are the Major Elements of Research Paper?

The major elements of a research paper can be encapsulated as mentioned below,

  • Cover Page and Title
  • Abstract
  • Introductory Part
  • Related Works
  • Materials and Methods
  • Outcomes
  • Inducing Discussions
  • Citations and Bibliography
  • Appendix

These are the fundamental elements getting involved in every kind of research paper. In this regard, we just wanted to give some more interesting and essential explanations on these components. Com let us learn together!

Cover Page and Title

A cover is centered with the crisp research title which can be transcribed in 20 or more than well-chosen vocabularies. Research objectives have to be polished through the study’s title.


An abstract is the summary of the overall research undertaken. It is positioned as more than 2 paragraphs that entirely articulate the investigation. In other words, every upcoming section is getting bloomed in this section utilizing explanations.  It is approximately written up to 300 words.

Introductory Part

In every research paper’s introduction, the brief contextual background is illumined by the researcher. As well as a researcher is describing the significance of chosen research field here. A researcher is originating his or her arguments from the general context and then they narrow down the same. While inscribing a research background, preliminary and auxiliary objectives have to be situated.  

Related Works

Related works are the basis for every single undertaking research work. By brushing up the related works, exciting and unmapped research fissures are exposed by a PhD student. Afterward, it is transformed into problem statements. By doing so, you can probably plan something new to achieve. Recently published journals are referred to here.

Materials and Methods

Acquired data and its interpreted ways and means such as toolkits, techniques, methodologies, algorithms, scientific equations, statistical analysis, and many more are presented in this section. On the other hand, a researcher is liable to denote the pros and cons of every single approach proposed.


Outcomes are predetermined. But we are supposed to get so many probabilities and corresponding to our objective we need to put limelight only on the proposed research scope.  Every supposing outcome is essentially derived out from procedural & scientific carrying out tests. In other words, these are the major findings of the addressed investigation. Obtained results can be represented through graphical representations.

Inducing Discussions

Research significances & boundaries are pointedly described thought this section. Generally, a researcher is using this section to highlight what will be explored in the future. Obtained outcomes are justified here.

Citations and Bibliography

This is the list of all accessed references. This section is one of the most important sections in the paper because these sections ensure the credibility of undertaken research. If a researcher fails to represent this section, then there will be a high chance of facing plagiarism issues will arise.


Appendices are the additional materials used and supported for the entire research. Situating this section is optional.

As of now, we have seen the basic overview and the components to be included in typical research papers. In general, research papers are written by following different ways and means, and here we have presented one of the best ways to write a research paper.

What’s the Best Way to Write a Research Paper?

Positioning the following aspects in research papers will make it outstanding,

  • Sound data collection
  • All-inclusive portrayals
  • Precise Pseudocode
  • Good data interpretations
  • Correct scientific derivations
  • Novel contribution
  • Groundbreaking conceptions
  • 0 % plagiarisms
  • Apposite references details
  • Well-organized suppositions
  • Flawless rational flows
  • Impressive tables and figures

When writing a research paper, try to bring these features at any cost. Otherwise, there is a high chance to get rejections. In recent days, technology is getting enriched and improved day by day. But students are lacking to choose and interpret their favorite dominions. As a result of this, they need help with writing a research paper. Hence, we have appointed so many subject matter experts to help them out. In addition to that, we can also exhibit our talents through custom research paper writing assistance. Alright, in the following passage research paper writing’s improving ways are epitomized very clearly.

How to Improve Research Paper Writing?

The research paper’s quality can be improved utilizing practicing the ensuing aspects,

  • Gather information only from trustworthy sources
  • Write down the preliminary portions of the research paper (abstract and intro)
  • Bring motives and intentions for every single chunk (intro to conclusion)
  • Well delineate body of the journal paper (literature review, methods, outcomes, discussions)
  • Give an impressive and earthshattering endnote to the paper writing
  • Stretch down the actualities about referred sources
  • Proofread and copy edit

This is how we improve our research papers and we are suggesting students follow our unique styles and tactics to get the best recognition. Do you know something that research papers can be written according to different standards? Yes, research papers can be transcribed through Scopus and SCI standards. Come let us have the standard wise elucidations.

How to Write a Scopus Research Paper?

When writing journals according to the Scopus standard, one has to contribute something very new to the existing fields utilizing intellectual investigations. Scopus based journal publications are highly expecting the ensuing aspects from the doctorate students,

  • First-class data & its genuineness
  • Research originality
  • Appropriate and recent literature review
  • Good data demonstrations
  • Zero errors
  • Spellbound vocabularies
  • Well-drawn research designs

When writing Scopus research papers shadow these guiding principles. Scopus-based research papers are widely written by PhD students. The reason is this standard will publish research papers quickly when compared to SCI standards. Scopus paper writing can be further transcribed as mentioned in the following forms.

Types of SCOPUS Paper Writing

  • Survey papers or outlooks
  • Articles and letters
  • Journals and periodicals

The aforementioned are the various forms in which a Scopus paper can be written. Well, let us move on to know furthermore arguments.

Scopus Paper Writing Services

An excellent paper writing service has given you the tips to enrich your Scopus paper,

  • Write the abstract very crystal clearly
  • Jot down all the key terminologies known as new
  • Uniquely present the research overview in terms of intro
  • Review and inspect the lately put out articles
  • Tell about the research design with practical projections
  • Represent outcomes through most pleasant pictorial and graphical replicas
  • Strongly insist your research significance through discussions
  • Give footnotes by paving futuristic directions

Itemized above is the bunch of tips that are given by our technical experts to those who are aiming to publish their papers in Scopus publications. Along with this, SCI standards are also well explained in the ensuing passages to make your understanding better.

How to Write SCI Research Paper?

When it comes to SCI standards, a researcher has to concentrate more compared to Scopus standards. Generally, SCI standards are inspecting every submitted paper under unimaginable analysis. It is very tough to get published in SCI standards. However shadowing down the below-mentioned criteria in your paper, your paper can also be published. The only thing you have to do is consider the ensuing aspects,

  • Only handpick research areas from your favorite dominions
  • Precisely select the related journals to survey
  • Gather massive cross-references from publication databases
  • Draft the contents roughly and fairly
  • Segment the collated data according to nature
  • Check with the blunders and refine it

Generally, SCI standard research papers are having much weightage in the research field. It is not at all easy to get published in SCI publications. But, high-quality papers can be effortlessly published through this standard. As we are majorly working on SCI standards you can approach our technical folklores at any time. In the following passage, different types of SCU papers are given for your thoughtful consideration.

Types of SCI Paper Writing

  • Review based articles
  • Novel research articles

Review-based articles are just similar to the literature review process. On the other hand, research articles are new research work-oriented. Scopus and SCI standards are interrelated in several criteria. Here, our SCI paper publication service rendering experts have sprinkled some of the most important actualities.

SCI Paper Publication Assistance

When writing an SCI standard paper, one has to highly concentrate on the following factors,

Research Background

While transcribing the introduction of an SCI paper, both specific and general context has to be high-spotted in terms of broad explanations. It should be the base of hypothetical theories, problem statements, techniques, and expected end suppositions. In short, it must be a representation of upcoming sections. Being with the point is very important here.


A proposed methodology should be explained very well and it must permit other researchers to practice to produce the same result.


When aiming to derive the determined result, a PhD student is required to undertake scientific experimentations. After experiencing the anticipations, representing them in the graph-based replica will impress the reviewers a lot.

Impelling Discussions

This section must be the greatest extension of obtained outcomes. This is one of the best parts in which a researcher can voice out his or her perceptions about the research significance.

End Closures

Conclusions are usually written when the impelling discussion section is pretty vague.

Until now, we had gone through the fields of SCI and Scopus kind of research paper writing ideas and guidelines. Towards the end, a list of research paper writing areas has been highlighted for your reference.

Recent Research Areas for Paper Writing Help

  • Ecological Smart Architectures and Devices
  • Quantum based Physical Entities
  • Blockchain Security Techniques in IoT
  • Simulator Selections and Set-Ups for IoT Integrations
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and Deep Learning (DL)
  • Network Security Attacks, Port Scanning, and Vulnerability (Loophole) Exploiting
  • System User Authentication Techniques 
  • Brain-Computer Interfaces (BCI) and M2M Communications
  • Reliability Managing, Risk Handling, and Mitigation in IoT Environments
  • Privacy & Security Disputes in the Internet of Things
  • Internet of Things’ Structural & Hardware / Software Designs and Configurations
  • Edge Computing & Cloud Computing’s Performance Valuation and Privacy Policies
  • Software Defined Networks & Network Functions Virtualization
  • Wireless Communication Networks using Edge Computing for Network Traffic Handling
  • Context-Aware Wireless Networking using Edge Computing
  • Offloading Techniques in Wireless Edge Computing and Channeling
  • Info Apportionment / Optimization in Cloud Computing
  • Task Scheduling & Data Interpretation in Cloud Computing
  • Difficulties in Wireless Communication Networks
  • Cryptographic Encryption and Decryption Techniques
  • Cyber-Physical Systems (CPSs)
  • Bugs and Malware Detection Organisms
  • Critical Infrastructures, Marine Security
  • Cyber Security

Hooray! You have done an excellent job because you’ve brainstormed the important concepts related to different sorts of paper writing. If you are still having squabbles in any of the said arguments then you can interact with our technical folklores whenever you like.

“Don’t be afraid of getting hindrances while writing a research paper, mostly last key opens the door”

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PSIM 7 8 6
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VENSIM 8 10 7
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GEOIP 9 17 8
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NEST 5 10 9

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