Ns2 Projects in Wireless Sensor Networks

Spatially distributed autonomous devices are defined as wireless sensor networks.It uses sensors to monitor physical and environmental conditions.A gateway that offers connectivity with wired network or distributed systems.

Architecture of wireless sensor network:

Wireless sensor consists of three main components which includes:

  • Nodes
  • Gateways
  • Software

Applications of Wireless Sensor Network :

  • Environmental monitoring of air, water, and soil
  • Industrial machine monitoring
  • Traffic monitoring
  • Structural monitoring for buildings and bridges
  • Medical device monitoring
  • Military applications
  • Asset tracking
  • Robot control
  • Process monitoring
  • Video surveillance

Components of Wireless Sensor Network :

  • A wireless sensor nodes contains multiple components which include,
  • Radio
  • Battery
  • Microcontroller
  • Analog circuit
  • Sensor interface

Wireless Sensor Network  Topologies:

  • Normally wireless sensor networks supports three types of network topologies there are,
  • Star
  • Cluster tree
  • Mesh

Characteristics of Wireless Sensor Network :

  • Nodes mobility
  • Heterogeneity of nodes
  • Scalability to large scale of deployment
  • Can withstand in large environment conditions
  • Easy to use
  • Design of cross layer
  • Cope to work with node failure
  • Energy harvesting

Platform supported by Wireless Sensor Network :

  • LiteOS.
  • Contiki.
  • UNIX.
  • eCos.
  • TinyOS.
  • uC/OS.