B.TECH Projects In Mininet

Social Puzzles: Context-Based Access Control in Online Social Networks
Evolution of Social Models in Peer-to-Peer Networking: Towards Self-Organising Networks
The Challenge of Directional Networking
Third-generation technologies for HF radio networking
Home Appliance Control Using Heterogeneous Sensor Networks
A case for P2P infrastructure for social networks – opportunities & challenges
The Role of Persistent Graphs in the Agreement Seeking of Social Networks
Policy-based networking architecture for QoS interworking in IP management-scalable architecture for large-scale enterprise-public interoperation
Research of A VPN secure networking model

B.Tech Projects in Mininet
Optical networking: Supporting the digital agenda and future broadband services in Europe
Social network and user context assisted personalization for recommender systems
Social networks community detection using the Shapley value
Dynamics of Feedback-Induced Packet Delay in Power-Law Networks
Integrated Traffic-Driving-Networking Simulator: A Unique R&D Tool for Connected Vehicles
GMPLS extensions for supporting advanced optical networking technologies
Mobile Cloud Networking: Virtualisation of cellular networks
Distributed information environment for Defense Information System Network (DISN)- far term
SDN and OpenFlow for Dynamic Flex-Grid Optical Access and Aggregation Networks
An Exploration on Mobile Social Networking: Dodgeball as a Case in Point
A lightweight localization architecture and application for opportunistic networks
Network Security Function Virtualization(NSFV) towards Cloud computing with NFV Over Openflow infrastructure: Challenges and novel approaches

B.Tech Projects in Mininet
Research on Logistics Resources Integration in View of Logistics Networking
Emergency Communication Services Based on Overlay Networking Technologies
A Novel Ethernet-Based Wired/Wireless Broadband Access Network
Cognitive cloud-oriented wireless networks for the Future Internet
Networking of rural exchanges