Divert Project

Divert Project is A cyber physical networking system for monitoring and cleaning up blue-green algae blooms with agile sensor and actuator control mechanism on Lake Tai scheme

  • An analysis of techniques are also used for opportunistic in networking
  • A project also cooperative in cache-based content delivery framework for intermittently connected mobile ad hoc networks
  • Ad-hoc networks at global scale
  • Optimal spares analysis for a networking system manufacturer
    Improving Network I/O Virtualization for Cloud Computing

Divert Project in Networking Services

  • Creating Your Own Private Cloud: Ezilla Toolkit — also used For Coordinated Storage, Computing, and Networking Services
  • Text Sentiment Analysis Algorithm Optimization and Platform Development in Social Network
  • A Low Power Wireless Sensor Network also used for Gully Pot Monitoring in Urban Catchments
  • A networking perspective of cooperative spectrum sharing in wireless networks: Analysis and experiments
  • Large-Scale QoS-Aware Service-Oriented and also Networking with a Clustering-Based Approach
  • The Emergence of Industrial Control Networks for Manufacturing Control, Diagnostics, and Safety Data
  • Access Control Mechansim for Mobile Ad Hoc Network of Networks (MANoN)
  • Valuing flexibility in the migration to flexible-grid networks
  • CCTCP: A scalable receiver-driven congestion control protocol for content centric networking
  • Electricity services are also based on dependability model of power grid communication networking
  • Network design and characterization of a Wireless Active Guardrail System
  • An approach to distributed intelligent robot networking based on mental image directed semantic theory
  • The VoD services carried by hybrid PON+EoC networking
  • Designing Secure Peer-to-Peer Voice Applications in Ad Hoc Wireless Networks
  • Optical WDM networking in broadband satellite constellations
  • Networks in Divert Project used for Hierarchical virtual partitioning: algorithms also for virtual private networking
  • Practical DCB for improved data center networks
  • Modeling and simulation study of survivability mechanisms also in WDM-based high-speed networks
  • Security considerations in space and also delay tolerant networks
  • Traffic Prediction also used for Cognitive Networking in Multi-Channel Wireless Networks
  • Cooperative and Self-Growing Energy-Aware Networks