GrooveNet Optimal cooperative routing protocol based on prefix popularity for Content Centric Networking IEEE Trial-Use Standard for Wireless Access in Vehicular Environments (WAVE) – Networking Services

Networking Services in Groovenet

  • A framework for flexible networking
  • A Separation Architecture also intended for Achieving Energy-Efficient Cellular Networking
  • Advanced HF digital networks Proposal of Health Care Monitoring by Wireless Ad-Hoc Networking
  • Power management system design of an optical multiwavelength transport network
  • Indoor infrared ad-hoc networking
  • The future of optical networks-a European view
  • Web 2.0 integration in a Web-Based Decision Support System: Effect study of social networking on decision-making
  • Let’s ChronoSync: Decentralized dataset state synchronization in Named Data Networking
  • GrooveNet Analysis of social networking services organizations’ profit model based on Web2.0
  • An Interoperable, Extensible and also Configurable Service Architecture for an Integrated Educational Networking Infrastructure
  • Virtual Public Networks – GrooveNet
  • DCN@MPLS: A Network Architectural Model also used for Dynamic Circuit Networking at Multiple Protocol Label Switching
  • OAM&P technologies also based for optical networking
  • Hands-On Instruction in the Cisco Networking Academy
  • Development of morphological rules for Bangla Root, Verbal suffix and also Primary Suffix for Universal Networking Language
  • Work in progress-adaptation of a computer networks curriculum also intended for nontechnical audience
Newfocus Research Networking Program in groovenet
  • Accelerating service creation and also deployment in mobile networks
  • Exclusive sharing & virtualization of the cellular network
  • Performance analysis of a proposed tightly-coupled medical instrument network also based on can protocol
  • An experimental evaluation of dynamic virtualized networking resource control on an Evolved mobile core network: A new approach to reducing massive traffic congestion after a devastating disaster
  • Realizing a flexible access control mechanism also for active nodes based on active networking technology
  • Adaptive IP/optical OFDM networking design
  • GrooveNet Study on the Social Networking System of Disaster Prevention Using Smart Phones
  • Enhanced time-based Interest protocol in content-centric networking (CCN)
  • ICT networks and also services in new era
  • Networking the Global Maritime Partnership
  • DiffServ extensions to dynamic link states and also bandwidths for QoS-aware mobile networking applications
  • Smart wireless sensor network management also based on software-defined networking