How to Integrate Evalvid in Ns2

How to Integrate Evalvid in Ns2 – We have listed Point by point on simulation Framework. We created a video sample for easy guidance four installation procedure.If you need more customized Evalvid Projects ,contact us to get more detail.

Procedure for How to Integrate EvaliVid in Ns2 Framework

  • First install Evalvid in your system.
  • After that install Ns2 (Download from internet). Ns2 installation procedure:
      • After downloaded from internet.
      • Open terminal.
      • Type <sudo tar -xvzf>.
      • Also Enter ubuntu password.
  • Then enter <sudo apt-get install build-essential autoconf automake libxmu-dev>.
  • After enter <sudo apt-get install gcc-4.4>.
  • Then go to Ns2 folder containing location.
  • In make file change cc=@cc@ to cc=gcc-4.4.
  • Save the changes.
  • Enter <sudo ./install>.
  • Then set environment path by getting<sudo gedit ~/.bashrc.
  • The open another one terminal.
  • Then enter <sudo apt-get install nam xgraph>.
  • And then also Enter ubuntu password.

EvalVid in ns2 has a perfect structure and also create it favour to exchange at authority discretion for all the underlying transmission system.  in that code, applicable for any other process of  scheme, and also might be having already to used identified together in real probing setups and actions of pretending experiments.

Above listed Point by other object of on simulation Framework is help to give some follow-ups for how to integrate evalvid in ns2. We have design a mp4 (video & audio) sample for easy assistance in installation steps. If you need our great assist to develop your project, come close to our  customized Evalvid Projects and get to your convenience projects for your needs.