ITETRIS Simulator

DISN global mobile broadband wireless networking services
The benefits of communicating and collaborating in a real-time enterprise social network
Network evolution and multimedia communication
Enabling QoS-aware Java applications over ATM networks
MUPBED: A Pan-European Research Network Field Trial
Field Trial of All-Optical Networking Controlled by Intelligent Control Plane With Assistance of Optical Performance Monitors
RSSI-based control of mobile cooperative robots for seamless networking
Correlative-encoded (CE) FSK for use in RF home networking
What’s up: P2P spontaneous social networking

ITETRIS Simulator 
The Live Social Semantics application: a platform for integrating face-to-face presence with on-line social networking
Overview on “Multi-partner European test beds for research networking” – a European research networking initiative
A Service-Oriented Mobile Social Networking Platform for Disaster Situations
Mesh Networking for Seismic Monitoring – The Sumatran cGPS Array Case Study
Field Experimentation of Cots-Based UAV Networking
Towards Cyber-Eco Systems: Networked Sensing, Inference and Control for Distributed Ecological Experiments
Extracting and Networking Emotions in Extremist Propaganda
Hive: distributed agents for networking things
Achieving end-to-end real-time Quality of Service with Software Defined Networking
Quality of Service Networking for Smart Grid Distribution Monitoring
Publish/subscribe over information centric networks: A Standardized approach in CONVERGENCE
A scalable high-performance active network node
Stability analysis of stochastic sensor networks

ITETRIS Simulator 
Multi-wavelength transport networks
Draft Standard Environmental and Testing Requirements for Communications Networking Devices Installed in Electric Power Substations
SWAN: End-to-end orchestration for cloud network and WAN
Active networks and its management
Supporting mobile IP in an active networking environment