Itetris Simulation

Itetris Simulation is an integrated simulation framework for wireless communication in real time road traffic management solutions. We mainly implement itetris projects to extend art state in vehicular system for the evaluation of road service and applications. And also we offer itetris projects with vehicular network communication and also ITS applications. In that, We guide and also support student to develop itetris projects in an efficient way. Our main aim of itetris is to ensure create global, sustainable vehicular communication and also to ensure traffic simulation platform. We design itetris to facilitate large scale, accurate and also multidimensional evaluation for mobility management.


Itetris Goals:

We attain goals in our academic projects are:

  • Large scale trials
  • Dynamic, distributed and also self autonomous. Its applications based on cooperative systems
  • Road traffic and also wireless integrated open source platform

V2X Communication for Traffic Management:

We handle traffic in itetris projects based on Elsevier papers are

  • Limited Access Control
  • Traffic Light Adaptation
  • Travel Time Estimation
  • Distributed Traffic Jam Detection
  • And also in Contextual Speed Limit Information

Itetris Simulation Platform:

We handle this platform which composed of set of functional interaction to simulate application over ITS situation.

Itetris Implementation Requirements:

We require some element to perform itetris simulation for B.Tech projects are:

  • Information exchanged by the avoidance of uncontrolled data transfers
  • Itetris composed of time regulated, sporadic and also data aggregating inter block communication than autonomous are required for simulation
  • Traffic and also wireless simulation Platforms
  • Itetris integrate two platforms SUMO and also NS3 to reduce cost and permit for large scale simulations

3-Blocks Approach:

3-block approach is implemented in itetris platform to adopt the open source simulation platforms which connected among module called itetris control system (ics). Ics implement the synchronization of module occurred in itetris platform. Vehicle traffic conditions are also monitored by SUMO and also NS-3.

Application of Itetris:

We deploy itetris more than 80+ projects with various applications. We also listed some itetris applications are:

  • Dynamic Route Planning
  • Contextual Speed Adaptation
  • Message Management with Generic Open APIS
  • Emergency Vehicle
  • Local Dynamic Map (LDM)
  • It’s Application Simulator also Including One (Or) More Application Logics
  • Bus Lane Management

Benefits of Itetris:

We use and apply following benefits of itetris in our project are:

  • Gasoline Consumption
  • Air Pollutant Emission
  • On Traffic Efficiency