Network simulation Projects Omnet++

Network simulation Projects Omnet++ composed of various computers are connected together to ensure communication for resource sharing. We offer network projects OMNET++ with various types of network based application with simulation model for M.Tech projects.

We ensure OMNET++ a C++ based simulation tool composed of various simulation model for internet, mobility and IPV6. And also We simulate all types of network including wired & wireless network simulation. So We develop IEEE based network simulation projects OMNET++ for all college students.

Types of network:

We categories network based on behavior are:

  • Peer to Peer network
  • Server based network
  • Peer to Peer network

We provide peer to peer network known as P2P network. We implement P2P with any network architecture to ensure resource sharing on network. consequently We create dynamic P2P architecture by Adhoc nodes. so We also categories peer to peer network as structured and unstructured network.

Advantages of P2P network:

We adopt following advantages are:

  • Does not have single point of failure.
  • Every time new node is connected to network so system capacity enhanced.
  • When one node fails, rests of the nodes also continue transmission.

Server based network:

We also ensure server based network referred as client server network. It provide central control for computer to create administer. And We centralize client server network resource which supports large area networks. So We provide client server model with strong security to applications.

Advantages of server based network:

We attain following advantages are:

  • Security is fully encapsulated in client server model.
  • Centralized control ensures proper resource sharing also in client server network.
  • Ensure enhanced system for backup & improve fault tolerance.

Network components:

We also implemented & developed more than 100+ projects in network with following components.


Router is a device or software in computer to find next network point for packet transmission. We also permit various networks to ensure communication. It creates & maintain table of available route conditions. Network packet is travel to number of network points through routers.


Hub device which provides data coverage from one or more directions and also forward to another directions we use hub in local area network.


Switch allows various network nodes to communicate directly with each other. It also permits various user to send information over a network at some time without allowing each other down.


We adopt gateway as network point that act as entrance to another network. Gateway nodes are computers that control traffic occurred in internet service provider.


Bridges connect local area network with another local area network. We use bridge to interconnect two LANS which uses same logical link control protocol but may are different medium