Network Simulation using NS2

Network Simulation using NS2 – The Post graduate, under graduate students and also the PhD scholars doing their final year project in our organization. And the different department students also doing their final year project under our guidance such as Computer science, Information technology, Electronic and communication engineering, and electrical and electronic engineering.

The flat earth model is used in ns2. The environment is flat without any elevations or depressions assume by our proposed using ns2. Basically, the Network is mostly consumed by the computer science and electronic students for their final year projects.

All over India we signed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) in more number of colleges. A protocol which is used for retrieving e-mail messages  known as Internet Message Access Protocol.


The IMAP4 is the latest version which is used in Network simulation. The e-mail from your local server is accessed by IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) standard protocol.

Mostly, the networking projects only done by our simulation experts. So, we have main source of network simulation related projects all over India such as Pune, Chennai, Madurai, and Trivandrum.

The identities of nodes not exposed in the data transmission on Anonymous data transmission while ensuring unlinks ability. The relying on the assumption and is maintained by the route maintenance.

By observing lower layer parameters we can detect the link failures or by network layer keep alive messages. Typically a link breakage is detected when an error (ERROR) message is sent back to the source.


The Network simulation is referring the MANETs. All the vulnerabilities of wired networks suffered by these MANET. From network security point of view the desirable features of wireless network that expose the system to a wider range of threats.

The connectivity with no infrastructure is enabled by open communication media. However in infrastructure based networks an unauthorized network monitoring becomes much easier which is used in Network simulation.

Due to MANETs’ distributed and infrastructure-less nature the deployment of centralized Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) is impractical in Network simulation. The MANET routing has the capability against the large number of potential attacks.

The identity of spoofing, link spoofing, replay attack, man-in-the-middle attack, wormhole attack, black hole attacks, routing table overflow attack, Sybil attack, etc the examples of attacks in Network simulation using ns2.

The interruption of routing decisions is the main purpose of these attacks. In order to obtain the sensitive information the control is to take the communication.

The shortest path in routing is used in Network simulation. The ALARM and AO2P the mainly used shortest path algorithms which used in our recent research.


The ALARM has lower latency than AO2P. The generation of slightly longer path length is achieved by the contention phase of AO2P. Therefore, even though ALERT generates more routing hops than AO2P and ALARM, the latency of ALERT is still significantly lower than ALARM and AO2P.

Our existing concept requires the high cost to protect the data in the network. In ALARM and AO2P, the latency caused by the public key cryptography outweighs the benefit of short latency using the shortest path.

Our professionals very experts in these protocols related simulation concepts which is proposed in Network simulation.