OMNET++ Wireless Simulation Projects

OMNET++ Wireless Simulation Projects is a versatile network simulator tool with various models and framework are provided for various network simulators. We also offer Omnet++ simulation projects for M.E with various network communications.

Protocol performance and implementation are measured by various frameworks on Omnet++. We provide Omnet++ as discrete event simulator for all network related final year projects. Also We support Omnet++ framework with various specific based network application.

Wireless Body Area Network (WBAN):

In general We refer wireless body area network as wireless sensor network with wearable computing devices. We simulate wireless body area network with Omnet++ open source environment ensure discrete event simulator with powerful library for simulating wireless network.

Consequently our Wireless body area network create connection among independent nodes with sensor and actuator. We implant wireless body area network node in both or on body.

Also We extend body area network to entire human body and nodes interconnected by wireless channel. WSN offer practical and innovative application to enhance health care and quality of life.

Types of Wireless Body Area Network:

We categorize WBAN into following types and proposed in more than 90+ projects are:

  • In Body Area Networks:

Ensure communication among invasive or implanted devices and base station.

  • On Body Area Networks:

It Ensure communication among non invasive or wearable devices and base station.

Video Streaming Based Simulation:

Video streaming is the process of sending compressed content in video format via internet and viewed by viewer in real time. In Video streaming reduce the waiting time of user.

As it ensures alternative streaming media and sent continuous data stream and play as it arrives. We characterize video streaming by Omnet++ wireless simulation projects environment.

And also We support OMNET++ with IEEE based paper and real time application which ensuring an efficient result.

Types of Video Supported By OMNET++:

We support two types of video streaming are:

  • Progressive Streaming.
  • Real Time Streaming.

We call progressive streaming as demand video streaming. We access Http over internet for download compressed video. In that We use standard web server to access internet.

We call real time streaming as live streaming. We need special streaming server to download specific applications.

VANET Technology:

VANET we moving vehicle as network device and nodes are considered to create mobile network. It also ensures mobile Adhoc network characteristics. Most students are interested to do projects in VANET. VANET perform as intelligent transportation system, and also vehicle to vehicle communication and vehicle to infrastructure communication.

It verifies fixed routing path which not break end of data transmission because VANET technology has dynamic changing capacity. Wireless links are unstable because of node mobility. We also simulate VANET under Omnet++ and SUMO simulator. In that We also analyze traffic among vehicle to carry out Sumo simulator.