OPNET Simulation Projects

OPNET Simulation Projects Various phases such as specification, data collection and simulation analysis are performed. Opnet denote as event driven, and network simulation tool which permit the implementation of all model elements.

We offer opnet simulation students projects to create mode and to evaluate the performance of various communication network and distributed systems. We generate various network models and provide types of network simulation academic projects.

Opnet Simulation Model:

We implement Open-ZB which is an Open Source for IEEE 802.15.4/ Zigbee. Various layer such as physical, MAC, and application layer are provided by this model which derived from Elsevier papers.


We implement specification provided by zigbee for application and network layers. Bottom layer consider as medium access control and physical layers. Zigbee described with four layers and supported by us are:

Application Layer:

  • We run application on Zigbee network.
  • Various types of zigbee device are defined.
  • Network is initialized and participates to form network.

Network Layer:

  • We provide self healing mechanism in this layer.
  • Ensure route management, network management, network security and network message broker.


It contains CSMA/ CA to create beacon frame and synchronize with PAN coordinator. MAC layer is exploited by high layer to attain secure communication.

Physical Layer:

Channel selection is permitted to avoid radio interference and perform data transmission with layer above to provide service.

Components of Zigbee:

We deploy various components to develop an M.Tech projects are:

  • ZigBee Router.
  • ZigBee Coordinator.
  • ZigBee End Device.

Features of OpenZB:

We use various features of OpenZB are:

  • Beacon, data, ACK packet frame format.
  • GTS Mechanisms.
  • Beacon enabled mode (Generation of beacon frames).
  • Power consumption computation.
  • Slotted CSMA/CA MAC protocol.

ZigBee Simulation Using Opnet:

We deployed ZigBee with opnet in more than 80+ projects as:

  • Network performance is accessed with stationary end devices called VBR.
  • Single router traffic.
  • In moving end devices traffic stability is present referred as CBR.
  • Self healing mechanism performed based on route failure.
  • Additional end devices added to test Zigbee.