Qualnet Simulation

Qualnet Simulation giving our main support to the research scholars and academic students in past seven years. Our recent research on networking technology. Our ongoing networking projects are carried on Qualnet simulation.

We one of the leading rsearch and development concern in networking technology such as opnet and Qualnet simulation. Mostly, the final year projects on networking technologies done only by the CS, IT, ECE department students.

And we are very proud that more than 240 country students and research scholars are doing their projects under over sincere guidance. The commercial network simulator which is developed from Scalable Network Technologies is called simulation.

Qualnet is introduced in the year of 2000-2001. The wireless, wired and mixed platform network and also networking device performances are predicted by this ultra high-fidelity network simulation software. The distributed applications and also a simulator for large, heterogeneous networks are executed on such network.

In past 7 years we conduct more number of seminars and conferences which is related to current networking technologies. All over India we organizing this type of programs on colleges. So, more than 25000 students are benefited by these programs.

Our main aim is to give reliability, Quality, and also on time delivery to the students and research scholars those who doing a project on Qualnet simulation. The procedural paradigm is followed by the simulation is C and C++ and Qualnet simulation implementing new protocols.

For complex systems (PARSEC) uses the parallel simulation for basic operations. Hence, we can also run simulation on distributed machines. Here the QualNet Animator and the QualNet Parameters setup is used in the step of qualnet simulator work.

The links create by this place nodes and setup applications. The change Application, node and also link parameters also used in the Qualnet. The simulation speed and also animation details choose by the Animator Runtime Toolbar among the dynamic statistics available.

Distributed Machines

In every year we are changing and also updating our project profiles which lead to recent development and also research on Qualnet. Our organization is fully having a dedicate team work for the students and also research scholars who do their project effectively and also in efficient manner under our guidance. The Qualnet also maintains a simulation clock which is used to simulate time.

The simulation clock is advance in discrete steps, as explain below.
  • The following series of steps also operate by this simulator for continuously repeating it until the end of Qualnet:
  • The first event from the event queue is removed by the Qualnet simulator, i.e., the event schedule also for the earliest time.
  • The simulation clock to the event time of the event is set by the qualnet simulator. This may result in advancing the simulation clock. The simulator executes the actions associate with the event, i.e., it handles the event. The system states, scheduling other events or both are changed due to the simulation clock.
  • They may be schedule to occur at the current time or in the future when other events are scheduled.

In the uniform protocols  plays a vital role in simulation. The network which is used in Qualnet does not have any hierarchy. Thus  the same manner all the node and also routing control messages are responding.